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  • Fully threaded for maximum holding power
  • Perfect for joist-to-beam connections
  • Ideal replacement for hurricane ties
  • Comes with free Truss Screw Guide install tool

Fasten your deck joists and beams with maximum holding power and resistance to uplift forces with CAMO's Structural Truss Screws, ideal for deck framing or for wood pergola connections.

CAMO Structural Truss Screws are fully threaded from head to tip for the strongest hold possible. The cylinder head countersinks easily while the slashes and sharp tip make it easy to start sinking your screw with no pre-drilling.

Each Structural Truss Screw is coated with CAMO's proprietary PROTECH Ultra 4 coating system for the best corrosion resistance.

CAMO Structural Truss Screws come in 6-inch lengths with T-30 Star Drive heads. Choose between a pack of 50 screws or a pack of 500 screws. Each pack includes a T-30 bit and a handy truss screw guide to help you sink your screw in a perfect spot every time.



CAMO Truss Bottom Plate to Rim Board Bulletin

CAMO Truss Joist to Top Plate Bulletin

CAMO Structural Truss

Head Type Cylinder Head
Tip Type Type 17 Slash Point
Drive Type T-30 Star Drive
Screw Length 6 in
Material Type CAMO PROTECH Ultra 4 Coating
Pack Size 50 pk, 500 pk
Package Contents 50 Pack - 50 Screws, Truss Guide and (1) T-30 Bit
500 Pack - 500 Screws, Truss Guide and (1) T-30 Bit
Included Accessories T-30 Bit and Truss Guide in every package
Warranty CAMO Warranty Information
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