How Can I Make My Deck Last Longer?

Creating an outdoor space for your family to grow and spend time together on can be one of the most rewarding feelings of all time. Considering all of the planning, estimating, and actual construction involved, it's no wonder why homeowners are searching for tips and tricks to make their deck last its absolute longest.

Over 90% of residential decks in the United States are built from pressure-treated lumber throughout the deck framing process due to its relative low cost and high availability. While pressure-treated lumber is highly durable and more resistant to certain factors such as termites than other materials, it is still just wood, and you can overtime expect your wood deck frame and substructure to experience rot.

One of the most economical and efficient ways to prevent rot and water damage from affecting the life-span of your new deck build as well as help to extend your deck structure is to use acrylic or butyl Joist Flashing Tape. Add potentially a couple of decades to your outdoor space is by sealing your deck joists, rim joists, beams, and ledger boards with acrylic or butyl Joist Flashing Tape.

Joist or Flashing Tape can be applied directly onto the deck joists when there's a new deck construction or a removal and replacement of old, worn-down deck boards.

What Do You Put on Top of Deck Joists?

Prevent deck rot and water damage by sealing and protecting deck joists with acrylic or butyl deck joist tape Find out how to make your deck last its longest with the protective, waterproof protection of flashing tape from brands like Trex, Grace Vycor, and G-Tape

Joist Tape, also referred to as Flashing Tape, is a thin, waterproof adhesive material that creates an impenetrable layer of protection against water, air and moisture infiltration. Placed on the tops of deck joists, beams, and ledger boards, joist tape can also be applied to newly built structures in areas such as window and door openings.

Essentially applied as a cap to the deck substructure, flashing tape protects by allowing the wood deck framing to continue to breathe on three sides while acting as a moisture barrier on top where condensation and water tends to collect and pool. It also prevents moisture from entering the wood framing through the screw holes and openings of common construction hardware by creating a deflecting layer of protection.

Another great benefit of applying butyl or acrylic flashing tape to your deck construction is that it creates a tougher connection fastener-to-wood connection for your structural deck hardware. By giving an additional adhesive layer for the deck screw to drive through, the joist tape helps essentially hold and lock the fastener in place for a more secure, lasting hold.

Types of Joist Tape:

G-Tape offers watertight joist and beam protection from negative 40 degrees up to a 200 degree heatwave

Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape by G-Tape

G-Tape forms a watertight bond after a 24 hour period, is weather-resistant and compatible with metals, wood, plastic, and glass materials. G-Tape Acrylic Flashing Tape tears easily by hand, eliminating any fumbling with scissors or utility knives while in the middle of covering a joist.

Even better, G-Tape Acrylic Flashing Tape is repositionable and can be replaced without leaving any sticky residue behind, simply lift the tape, smooth out any wrinkles, and flatten back out for a clean application.

Another great benefit of G-Tape is that while highly adhesive, it won't stick to itself and can be repositioned without adhesion loss. This allows you to keep project costs low and avoid tossing out full pieces of flashing, and instead simply pulling the ends of the tape apart.Acrylic G-Tape Flashing is available in 65 foot rolls and in the widths of 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches to accommodate your project's joists and beams.

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Grace Vycor is a contractor favorite as the long trusted joist flashing tape protects decks and porches for decades

Grace Vycor Self-Adhering Flashing Tape

Grace Vycor Flashing is ideal for sealing joints, seams, holes, and other unwanted openings in wall sheathing systems. It is 25 mil thick and compatible with wood, plywood, oriented strand board, concrete and masonry and fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through and into the substrate.

VYCOR® Plus Self-Adhered Flashing is composed of durable, cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene sheet, backed by an aggressive, pressure-sensitive rubberized asphalt adhesive.Grace Vycor Joist Tape is available in 75 foot rolls and in the widths of 4 inches, 6 inches, and 9 inches to accommodate your project's joists and beams.

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Trex wants to help your deck last its longest and be as safe as possible with their new Trex Protect Joist Tape

Trex Protect Non-Skid Joist Butyl Tape can be used on both horizontal and vertical board surfaces to safeguard against moisture and water-damage while providing a stronger connection for screws and fasteners.

Trex Non-Skid Butyl Tape also helps prevent splitting from the freeze and thaw cycles throughout the years.Now featuring an innovative non-skid top surface, Trex Non-Skid Joist Tape makes installation safer and easier by enhancing the walkability of the deck frame.

This helps prevent any injuries or accidents from occurring to professional contractors as well as DIY homeowners. Choose from two widths to complete your deck design and layout; the 1-5/8 inch width creates a perfect fit on joists or the 3-1/8 inch width is ideal for use on double joists or beams. Trex Protect Joist Tape is sold in 50 foot rolls for convenient ordering.

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Find out quick and easy it is to apply flashing tape and protect your deck framing and substructure in minutes in the How to Use Joist Tape post!

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