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Protect your deck, family, and investment with the waterproof strength of the innovative Trex Protect Non-Skid Self-Adhesive Tape. Cover your newly installed joists, beams, ledger boards and more with the long-lasting protection of Trex Protect Non-Skid Joist Butyl Tape. Now featuring an innovative non-skid top surface making it safer and easier to walk across during installation, Trex Protect Non-Skid Joist and Beam Tape can be used on both horizontal and vertical board surfaces to safeguard against moisture and water-damage while providing a stronger connection for screws and fasteners.

Trex Protect Non-Skid Flashing Tape is essentially applied as a cap to the deck substructure allowing the wood to breathe while acting as a moisture barrier between the lumber and common construction hardware, and the advanced non-skid backing makes for a safer and quicker installation process.

Shield your deck's newly installed deck joists and beams from water damage, rot, and decay with the innovative Trex Protect Non-Skid Joist Butyl Tape, the simple, straightforward method to protect your investment and give your deck the longest-lasting life possible. Simple and cost-effective, Trex Non-Skid Butyl Tape also eliminates splitting from the freeze and thaw cycles throughout the years.

The cutting-edge Trex Protect Non-Skid Joist Tape is offered in 50 feet rolls to finish your project fast.

Choose from three widths to complete your deck design and layout; the 1-5/8 inch width creates a perfect fit on joists, the 3-1/8 inch width is ideal for use on double joists or beams, or the 11 inch width for your outer rim joists.


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Pack Size


Roll Size Joist Tape: 1-5/8 in x 50 ft
Beam Tape: 3-1/8 in x 50 ft
Rim Tape: 11 in x 50 ft
Package Contents(1) roll
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OtherTape can be installed in temperatures of -20 or above
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