Tiger Claw Deck Fastener Installation

How to Install Tiger Claw Deck Fasteners

Create a beautiful, clear deck surface free of visible screws or fasteners for a gorgeous outdoor living space family and friends will love to gather on with Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners.

Adaptable and versatile, FastenMaster Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners are the ideal choice for attaching a wide majority of grooved decking material.

Tiger Claw Deck Fastener Installation

In just 4 easy steps, DIY deck builders and homeowners can create a beautiful outdoor living space with no visible deck fasteners. Keep your composite decking looking beautiful and get consistent deck board gapping with Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners!

Install grooved deck boards easily and securely with Tiger Claw TC-G hidden deck fasteners

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners

1) Attach the First Deck Board

Begin by attaching the first deck board of your DIY deck build in place via a face-fastening screw, composite deck screw, or a deck plug system.

Standard deck screws will be visible from above, but provide a rugged amount of strength in a decking install. Composite deck screws will blend into the deck board surface with a color-matching head to help the screws be nearly invisible. Deck plug systems such as the Starborn Pro Plug or FastenMaster Cortex Concealed methods will completely conceal the fastener with a plug made of the same exact deck board material with a perfect color and texture match.

Drive a fastener through the composite deck board or treated deck board into the deck joist below every 3 to 4 feet. This will provide a secure attachment for the initial lumber setting a strong foundation for the remaining boards.

2) Set Tiger Claw TC-G Fasteners

Fully insert Tiger Claw TC-G Fastener into grooved edge of deck board. The screw hole should line up with the center of a supporting deck joist.

Place a Tiger Claw TC-G hidden deck fastener at every joist along the composite deck board. Most decks should have joists either 12 inches or 16 inches apart.

3) Install First Tiger Claw TC-G Fastener

While standing on the deck board, install the provided screw at a 45° angle through the board and into the joist, while applying pressure on the Tiger Claw fastener. Install one fastener and screw at each supporting deck joist.

Make sure your Tiger Claw TC-G deck clip is vertical to the deck board and confirm that the screw is holding the hidden fastener tight to the support joist. Adjust the torque setting on your screwdriver to prevent any spin-out or camming.

4) Continue Installing Deck Boards

Place the next grooved deck board into position against the Tiger Claw TC-G fasteners. Slightly raise the outer edge of the decking board being installed and slide the board onto the fastener until the board contacts the spacer tabs.

Check the gapping between the grooved deck boards for consistency and then apply force to ensure the board is fully installed.

Repeat installation steps 2 through 4 to complete your decking installation with Tiger Claw TC-G fasteners!

Choose Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners to complete your deck board installation with grooved deck boards

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