How to Install Composite Decking Quick and Easy

with the all-new Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by Barrette

With Composite Decking quickly becoming the top choice for new deck construction and outdoor renovations alike, the market for Hidden Deck Fasteners keeps improving upon itself year after year. Long gone are the days of face-fastening down your boards and hoping none of the nails rise up over time. These days, whether you're using concealed clips for grooved boards, such as CONCEALoc for TimberTech, or a strong, discreet side-installed nail such as the beloved Camo Hidden Fasteners, the main goal is to keep your deck surface smooth and blemish-free.

There are an abundance of Hidden Deck Fastening systems to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. This year, however, DecksDirect was introduced to a deck fastening system that was equally brilliant and simple; an invention that makes you think, "How did this not exist before?"

The Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by Barrette Decking cuts installation time in half while eliminating the need for extra measuring, kneeling, and tools. Spend more time enjoying your deck and less time breaking your back to install it with Barrette. A brilliant choice for both homeowners and contractors alike, the Step-Clip system helps you get the job done right and done fast.

Simply hammer or use a nail-gun to attach the Step-Clip Strips by Barrette directly to joists

Step 1: Use a standard hammer or nail-gun and attach the Step-Clip strips directly to the joists of your deck's substructure. This strip will be attached using the included stainless steel nails for heightened corrosion-resistance. It's recommended to drive 2 nails evenly spaced between the clips for a sturdy hold. These Step-Clip strips eliminate the extra cost of joist tape by protecting the joist itself from water damage, rot, and decay. Along the outside perimeter of the deck frame, trim the first clip off of the strip with a utility knife.

The Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by Barrette Decking allows you to simply walk across the composite deck board to install

Step 2: Place your Barrette Starter Board in place and walk across, locking the grooved edge of the board securely into the clip. From there, place your next Barrette Grooved Edge Deck Board in position, and walk across the board length-wise to fasten it in place. Continue working this way until all deck boards are fully secured.

Working with more than one person? Start at both ends of the deck to save even more time.

Cut down composite decking installation time by 50% with Barrette Decking and the Step-Clip Fastening System

Step 3: With your Barrette Deck Boards installed, polish off your Starter Boards with the perfectly coordinating Cortex Concealed Fastening System for Barrette Decking. A color-matching plug system that conceals the stainless steel screws needed to securely fasten your initial boards.


Check out the speed difference between installing Barrette Decking with the Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System versus installing a leading competitor brand.


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