How to Install DuraLife Decking

Strong and stunning DuraLife composite deck boards are a wonderful choice for both DIY deck builders creating their first outdoor living space as well as seasoned pros working through an overdue deck renovation.

Attaching and anchoring DuraLife decking is a beautiful foundation for your home's backyard oasis as it's polypropylene shell boasts longevity and great looks all-in-one.

Different Ways to Install DuraLife Decking

Read below to find out the three main methods to install DuraLife deck boards and get started on your DIY deck project this weekend!

Installing DuraLife Decking

Learn more about installing DuraLife decking to create your perfect outdoor living space

Different Ways to Install DuraLife Deck Boards

DIY installation of DuraLife composite deck boards has never been easier than with the DuraLife Step-Clip Deck Board Fastener

DuraLife Step-Clip Hidden Deck Fastener

Cut your installation time in half and spend less time cramping your back and knees with the brilliant DuraLife Step-Clip system. Simply install the Step-Clip strips directly onto your framing joists with a nail gun or hammer, set the deck boards in place, and merely walk along the deck surface to snap the board solidly into position.

Skip the hassle of taping deck joists for protection from moisture, the DuraLife Step-Clip strips protect the joists from water damage and rot. No extra parts, pieces, or people are necessary to install DuraLife decking; choose the Step-Clip fastening system for a fast, easy DIY composite deck board project!

Choose the DuraLife Fastenator hidden deck fastener system for a concealed way to secure your deck boards in place

DuraLife Fastenator Hidden Fastening System

Attaching directly to the deck joists and locking the DuraLife boards in place via the grooved edge of the board, the Fastenator is a completely concealed method guaranteed to improve the aesthetic and longevity of your deck.

Simply face-fasten the first board in place, set the DuraLife Fastenator clips in place along the deck joists in the deck board groove, slide the next board in place and then drive the Fastenator clips down with your powerdrill.

The Cortex Concealed Fastening system for DuraLife decking is perfect for first, last, and staircase boards

Cortex Concealed Fastening System For DuraLife Decking By FastenMaster

Ideal for applications where face-screw installation is necessary such as DuraLife Starter Boards or DuraLife Riser Boards, the Cortex Concealed Fastening system conceal and protect the screw. Simply drill to depth, set the screw, and insert the plug on top of the nail for a seamless look that stays in place.

The perfectly coordinating FastenMaster Cortex Concealed deck plug system covers your deck screws with a piece made from the same composite deck board material. While not a fast option for installing DuraLife decking atop your entire outdoor living space, the Cortex plugs can create a strong deck board attachment with no showing fasteners.

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