How to Install Fiberon PVC Decking

With rich, premium finishes delivering a beautiful deck floor and specially-engineered PVC material boasting a deck board material impervious to rot, mold, insects, and warping; PVC deck boards combine classic looks with strength backed by science!

With the launch of the Fiberon Promenade PVC decking line, now's the perfect time to learn how to install PVC deck boards and take your home's outdoor living space to the next level for a stunning spring and summer season!

How to Install Fiberon Promenade Deck Boards

Whether planning a new DIY deck builds, upgrading your deck and porch design, or starting a full deck renovation; installing PVC decking in your space guarantees a long-lasting and attractive backyard area that's built to last.

Learn how to install PVC deck boards for a water and mold-resistant outdoor living space

How to Install Fiberon PVC Deck Boards

Phantom Universal Hidden Fasteners

Create a clean, fastener-free decking surface for your PVC deck boards with the Phantom Universal Hidden Deck Fastener system. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant black polypropylene for an unseen hold beneath the boards, Phantom Hidden Deck Fasteners feature a pre-inserted coated steel screw for quick installation.

Ideal for composite and PVC decking with grooved edges, the Phantom Universal Deck Fastener from Fiberon boasts patented ridges on the bottom of the hidden deck fastener clip to grip the deck joists for minimal deck board movement while creating a consistent 3/16 inch deck board spacing.

To attach PVC decking via Phantom Universal Fasteners: Simply anchor the starting PVC boards with a composite deck screw or deck plug system, place a Phantom Fastener at every joist and deck board intersection, slide the next board in place, and drive down all screws for a tight hold against the joist.

HeadCote 305 Stainless Steel Screws

With top-of-the-line countersinking capabilities and a solid hold, the Headcote 305 deck screws are crafted from corrosion-resistant grade 305 stainless steel and offer an extra deep drive recess to prevent cam-out and make for easier installation. Lasting deck board attachment strength with the seamless look of a color-coordinating head to perfectly match your decking material, the HeadCote 035 composite deck screw is a clean way to finish your space.

Available in 20 versatile color-matching screw options, HeadCote 305 Stainless Steel Deck Screws offer a color-matching tool to perfectly accommodate any decking shade.

To attach PVC deck boards via HeadCote 305 Composite Deck Screws: Simply position your PVC deck board in place perpendicular to the deck joists below and drive two composite deck screws fully in place centered on the deck board.

Starborn Pro Plug System for Fiberon Decking

The Starborn Pro Plugs are made of Fiberon material from several popular decking lines to perfectly match your deck board's color and grain pattern. The plug's specially-designed chamfer fits into holes created with the Starborn Pro Plug System PVC Decking and Trim Tool. These plugs are approximately 5/16 inch diameter and work exclusively with the Screws For Pro Plug System By Starborn.

Combine the strength of face-fastening with the concealed beauty of hidden deck fasteners with Starborn Pro Plugs and Star-Drive Steel Screws combined. Choose from coated steel, grade 305 stainless steel, or grade 316 stainless steel fasteners to match your home's climate and region.

To attach PVC deck boards via Starborn Pro Plugs for Fiberon Decking: Set your first deck board in place, pre-drill two screw openings with the included Starborn Pro Plug PVC and Composite Tool to get the perfect screw depth, drive the Star-Drive Steel Screws fully into place, and then tap the color-matching Starborn Pro Plugs in place to cover the screw head.

Add the beautiful look of Fiberon Promenade PVC deck boards to your home's outdoor living space today

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