How to Buy Aluminum Deck Railing

How to Buy Aluminum Railing

One thing we love to share here at DecksDirect is just how straightforward it is to shop for and buy aluminum deck railing! We offer around 15-20 different aluminum railing systems from top brands such as AFCO, Westbury, Deckorators, and Trex to create the perfect deck railing design for your home.

It can seem intimidating to plan and shop for aluminum deck railing, however, finding everything you need for your deck space can be a snap! Once you know the look you want for your outdoor living space and the measurements of your area, plotting the deck railing sections is simple! The metal railing systems are on the website in a step by step diy aluminum deck railing installation order to help show you how to buy deck railing easily.

How is Aluminum Deck Railing Sold?

Most deck railing lines are sold in complete deck railing kits, such as the Westbury Tuscany and the AFCO Pro line. These railing kits will include a top handrail, a bottom rail, balusters, and mounting brackets. These complete metal railing kits are ready for installation on existing wood deck posts all in one package. Coordinating aluminum deck posts are sold separately to accommodate unique deck railing designs.

Other aluminum railing systems are sold as complete deck railing panels, such as the Fortress AL13 Home or the Trex Signature panel. These deck railing panels are pre-welded for incredible strength and even less DIY railing installation time! Aluminum deck railing panels are often sold without any additional items so mounting brackets will have to be purchased separately for installation.

Learn the easy steps on how to shop for aluminum deck railing below. And be sure to read through the DecksDirect Railing Style Guide for more insight on how to choose the perfect deck railing for your home!

Find out how to shop for and estimate aluminum deck railing for your family's deck like this stunning AFCO Pro aluminum railing line

How to Buy for Aluminum Deck Railing - Step by Step

1. Browse through image galleries to find styles you like

Flipping through home and garden magazines or clicking through online deck image galleries is a great first step in shopping for aluminum deck railing. Photos will often range from glamorous shots of million-dollar homes to the DIY installation that someone in your home state accomplished. And that's great!

This will help give you an idea of what deck railing line will match the style and aesthetic of your home. Bookmark pages with homes in a similar architectural style to yours and use them when shopping.

Also, pay close attention to the colors that were chosen to highlight these homes. Take note of what appeals to your sense of deck style! Then we can temper that to how you want your deck or patio space to feel.

Are you often drawn toward homes where the colors are all similar and neutral? Do you like outdoor spaces where the composite decking is a bold, dynamic color?

2. Measure your outdoor space

When shopping for metal deck railing, you'll need measurements that are accurate but not precise. This is because there will be a few inches of play between the deck railing section, the mounting brackets, and the railing posts. This makes it easy for anyone, no matter their building skill level to find the numbers they need right away.

Start by drawing the layout of your deck from a birds-eye view. Be sure to include in your drawing any openings such as stairs, and any structural features such as doors, windows, etc. This in no way has to be a perfect sketch! It'll just be there to help you envision your entire deck space.

You'll want to start by using a tape measure to find the length of each side of your deck layout. Be sure to measure from the outside edge to the other outside edge of each straight segment of your deck. For outside stairs, you simply need to measure the complete height of your deck staircase from the ground up to the top step, and then the complete length of your stairs out.

Watch this helpful video to show exactly how to measure your deck for deck railing! We'll show you step by step how to measure your outdoor space for aluminum deck railing and how to buy it. This way you'll have everything you need for a DIY deck railing installation or for a pro builder to get started!

3. Plot out your railing sections or call a Deck Designer to get a full railing layout

With your measurements in hand, you'll be able to plan out aluminum deck railing sections. Metal deck railing sections are generally sold in 6 foot and 8 sections, however, many railing brands also offer smaller and longer lengths.

You can trim a railing kit to fit a section, divide a railing to fit 2 smaller sections, or mount the deck railing section as is. Aluminum deck railings can be mounted on the posts in the system or any material posts including: wood posts, walls, brick columns, and more.

To confirm your deck railing estimate, or to have us put everything together for you, give one of our expert deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316! With your deck measurements and deck railing style, we'll be able to put together an accurate, complete layout in no time!

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