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Westbury Aluminum Railing Systems

Westbury Veranda Glass Railing next to a table holding peaches and a cup of coffee overlooking a water view

Reliable strength, elegant distinction, masterful engineering. For an aluminum railing system that is able to make the grade in every category, look no further than Westbury Aluminum. A wide array of designs and finishes, plus an abundant amount of accessories allows you to create the atmosphere you want for your space. Build your sanctuary with Westbury Aluminum.

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More Westbury Products

A night view of lounge furniture on a deck illuminated by a candle and post cap lights from Magena Star Lighting by Westbury

Magena Star Lights

Magena Star Lighting by Westbury is specially tailored to coordinate and fit Westbury railing systems.

Magena Star Lighting


Screened-in porch with wicker dining set overlooks a wooded yard, between 8x8 cedar framing is Westbury ScreenRail in Bronze Fine Texture finish

Westbury ScreenRail

Westbury ScreenRail allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pests.

Westbury ScreenRail


Stair Railing with Continuous Handrail

Secondary Handrail

This ADA Compliant continuous handrail adds protection while also helping your deck and stairs meet building codes.

Westbury Handrail


General Westbury Railing FAQs

Why Should I Choose Westbury Railing For My Deck?

Westbury railings are incredibly versatile, fitting a huge range of styles and settings. Strong, modern aluminum railings from Westbury come in a variety of colors that either accent your deck (like black and white) or blend into your amazing view (like bronze and grey).

The Westbury brand is known for its awesome bracketry - that means Westbury railings are well-designed for accommodating uniquely-shaped decks, odd angles, and features like stairs or gates. To take full advantage of Westbury’s versatility, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 while you’re planning your railing project for a package that will perfectly fit your deck’s size, shape, and view.

Who Manufactures Westbury Railing?

Digger Specialties, Inc. (DSI) manufactures Westbury Railing products.

Where Is Westbury Railing Manufactured?

Westbury railings are made in the USA at Digger Specialties Inc. plants in North Carolina, Georgia, and Missouri.

Choosing Your Westbury Railing

What’s The Difference Between Westbury Tuscany and Westbury Riviera Railings?

Westbury Tuscany and Riviera railings share a lot of similarities: both are made of strong, powder-coated aluminum that will hold up for years with minimal maintenance. Westbury’s Tuscany line features balusters running all the way from the bottom rail to the top rail, while the Westbury Riviera line has an open mid-rail section between the top of the balusters and the top rail. That change affects both the look of the railing, and the installation process. For help choosing the best railing for your outdoor living space, call our team at 1-888-824-5316.

Westbury Railing Design

What Are Crossover Posts?

Crossover posts allow your deck railing to have a continuous top rail, unbroken by posts that rise above the top rail. The continuous top rail gives a sleek, modern look, and also works extremely well with a cocktail rail on top of your railing. You can plan your Westbury deck railing with either crossover posts or traditional posts.

Can I Fascia Mount My Westbury Aluminum Railing?

Yes! Both Westbury Tuscany and Westbury Riviera feature the hardware to mount your railing to the fascia on the outside of your deck, maximizing your deck space and giving your deck a distinctive look.

Can I Install Westbury Railing On My Deck Stairs?

Yes. Stair rail kits make it easy to get all the parts you need for a stair railing that coordinates with the rest of your deck railing. Westbury’s adjustable gate offerings make it easy to keep your deck stairs safe and secure, too.

Installing Westbury Railing

Can I Install Westbury Railing On An Irregular-Shaped Deck?

Westbury railings are especially good at fitting irregular deck shapes or dimensions. Westbury rail kits come in multiple length options, so you can cover your deck border more efficiently instead of buying long panels and wasting material when cutting them down. In addition, Westbury’s innovative engineering has created a great system of brackets to accommodate unusual angles or corners.

How Do I Cut Westbury Aluminum Deck Railing?

It’s easy to cut Westbury aluminum railing - you can cut down rails to the size you need using only a miter saw or jigsaw with a carbide-toothed blade.

Westbury Railing Maintenance

How Do I Clean Westbury Deck Railing?

It’s easy to clean your Westbury aluminum railing:

  • Step 1: Mix warm water and a pH-neutral detergent.
  • Step 2: Wipe down your aluminum railing surfaces with your cleaning mixture and a soft cloth, sponge or soft-bristle brush.
  • Step 3: Rinse the cleaning solution off the railing with clean, fresh water. Take care not to leave the cleaning solution on the railing for more than 30 minutes before rinsing.