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Dekor Decorative Balusters

Dekor Balusters

Step away from the standard deck railing design with the gorgeous appeal of Dekor deck spindles and outdoor lighting! Offered in a wide array of rare picket designs, baluster accessories, and deck rail lighting; Dekor delivers the opportunity to help your family's deck stand out from the rest!

Crafted from 100% aluminum casts and housings, thoroughly powder-coated for heightened durability against weather elements; Dekor deck products are built for incredible style and long-lasting lifespans. Dekor deck lighting features energy-efficient LED lights and convenient plug-and-play wiring for easy DIY deck light wiring.

Beautiful powder-coated aluminum Dekor balusters liven up your wood deck railing and outdoor space

Dekor Styled Balusters

Dekor Deck Products Made in the USA!

Dekor products are well designed, well engineered, and well built. The majority of Dekor's deck products and deck lighting fixtures are built, assembled, and powder-coated at their manufacturing facilities in Denver, Colorado.

Dekor Baluster Styles

Dekor Square Balusters

Install Dekor square balusters along your wood deck rails to create a stylish and modern new look

Square Balusters by Dekor are a fantastic choice to keep your deck looking classically simple while remaining incredibly strong. Solid craftsmanship combined with superior durability provides long-lasting safety and a refined, stately appearance.

Dekor Round Balusters

Traditional round metal balusters from Dekor can be installed along deck railing sections for a clean beautiful look

Install the Dekor Round Balusters between your top and bottom rails for a look that fades from view while protecting friends and family. Add some architectural detail to your railing by incorporating Dekor Round Balusters throughout your railing to create a unique look that's all your own.

Dekor Round Basket Balusters

Create unique deck baluster patterns with Dekor Round Basket Balusters in a single or double basket design

Basket Round Baluster by Dekor is a subtle, yet distinct way of personalizing the style of your deck rail. Alternate between the swirling single baskets or multi-level double basket style with the standard Dekor Round Balusters to create a variety of patterns that will give your deck an exceptional look sure to draw attention.

Dekor Square Basket Balusters

Dekor Square Basket Balusters keep a stately look for your home's outdoor living space while delivering a lovely detail

Create your own unique pattern blending together the graceful Single or Double Basket Square Balusters and the standard Dekor Square Balusters to give your deck an exceptional look your neighbors are sure to notice.

Stress-tested and featuring a durable powder-coat finish, the Single or Double Basket Square Balusters can highlight and accent your outdoor space as you wish.

Dekor Casey Collar Square Balusters

The Dekor Casey Collar deck balusters are available in either single or double collar designs for a creative design

The Single or Double Casey Collar Square Baluster from Dekor was created to impress your guests.

The collar design adds a touch of creative flair to your standard railing sections and helps your backyard stand out from the neighborhood crowd.

Handcrafted and welded with precision, add as many or as few Collar Deck Balusters as you like to gain a dash of detail on your deck.

Dekor Perfect Panels

Dekor Perfect Panels allow a centerpiece style for deck railing sections for your outdoor living space

Give your railing a truly unparalleled look with the distinct style of Perfect Panels by Dekor. These cast aluminum panels measure in at 7-1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick for a durable yet refined piece that will impress your guests for years.

Install the Perfect Panels alone or in combination with the Dekor Square Balusters to create a singular look sure to set your deck apart from the rest on the block.

Dekor Round Basket Balusters With Lights

Add strength and illumination to your outdoor living space with Dekor Round Basket Baluster with Lights

Whether lighting the way in high foot-traffic areas or setting a romantic tone for your deck, the Single or Double Basket Round Baluster with Light is versatile enough to do it all. Each baluster is handcrafted and welded to exact specifications for a unique look that's also uniform throughout your area.

Mount as many or as few as you like to set the atmosphere, or try alternating between lighted balusters and standard balusters.

Dekor Square Basket Balusters With Lights

Strong and stunning, Dekor Square Basket Balusters with built-in lights deliver an eye-catching deck railing design

Brighten and breathe new life into your outdoor space with the graceful style of the Basket Square Baluster with Light from Dekor. From dramatic to decorative, indoors or out, the patented Square Basket balusters with lights create high style.

Dekor Casey Collar Square Balusters With Lights

Innovative and modern, Dekor lighted Casey Collar Balusters give a touch of pizazz to your deck railing design

Turn up the fun on your outdoor space with the bright, modern look of the Single or Double Casey Collar Square Baluster with Light from Dekor. Add a touch of shine to busy walking areas, or liven up your standard railing sections with the beautiful and versatile glow of the Single Casey Collar Square Baluster with Light.

Dekor Perfect Panel With Lights

The beautiful LED Dekor Perfect Panel creates a stunning outdoor lighting look for your family's backyard aesthetic

Impress your guests while adding illumination and safety with the undeniably stunning Perfect Panel with Lights from Dekor.

Featuring Cree LED lights in both the top and bottom square openings of the piece, Dekor Perfect Panels the elegant warm white lights provide a versatile glow.

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