How to Install Dekor Balusters with Lights

Add Amazing Light to Your Regular Railing

Dekor balusters are handcrafted from superior-grade aluminum, incredibly durable powder-coating, and the highest-quality LED lights available on the market. A contemporary and modern way to add illumination, personality and charm to your outdoor space all in one. Whether sprinkling a few throughout each section, or intertwining them with the classic look of standard Dekor balusters; Dekor balusters with lights are a unique way to increase the safety around your home and catch the attention of your neighbors and friends.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Installing and incorporating Dekor Balusters with Lights into your railing system is best to be done either with new construction, or when doing a complete remodeling of railing. Each lighted baluster must be individually wired to the transformer. Installing these balusters once your railing is already finished will lead to a headache of taking everything apart and finding new ways to conceal the wire.


While an extremely elegant and gorgeous way to add brightness to your outdoor space, knowing when and how to layout the wiring for these balusters is crucial a beautiful setup. Check out the videos below to see the best methods of hiding low voltage wires within your railing as well as how to layout a lighting plan so that your deck may be efficient and enviable at the same time.


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