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Top Deck Baluster Designs 2020

Popular Deck Baluster Patterns

Dreamy deck renovations and completing new DIY deck builds can change the entire look and feel of your outdoor living space in an instant. Truly set your deck railing apart from the rest in the neighborhood by creating your own deck baluster design and pattern!

Upgrading your old, wooden deck with new metal deck balusters is an amazing way to take your deck to the amazing level you want to showcase! Read about how to blend the different spindle types together to make one of your own and then check out the 19 hottest deck baluster designs of 2020 video below!

Create a one-of-a-kind baluster pattern design with styled balusters from DecksDirect

Top Deck Baluster Designs

By intermixing the different types of decorative and styled balusters, homeowners can lay out a unique deck baluster pattern that helps accentuate their home's decor. Add in twist balusters, basket balusters, collar balusters, spindle centerpieces, and more to help take your deck rail look to the next level.

Popular Deck Spindle Patterns and Designs

Twist deck spindles and balusters deliver a delicate touch of architectural design to your deck rails

Alternating Twist Balusters

Add a touch of whimsy to your deck rail design by interweaving twist spindles and straight face-mount balusters. The strong look of powder-coated aluminum Deckorators or powder-coated steel Fortress balusters deliver serious strength while the delicate look of the twist pickets add a dash of magic.

Decorative basket balusters allow for a branch into the creative design of your deck railing layout

Shapes with Basket Balusters

Basket balusters are available in either single basket or double basket designs allowing the DIY deck rail builder the ability to create unique patterns throughout. Dekor balusters, Deckorators balusters, and Fortress balusters all provide a basket option so the range from face-mount balusters, square spindles, to round pickets are open!

Choose basket balusters to create a unique X pattern in the center of railing sections, or create an argyle design along the entire rail; the array of styles you can form is endless!

The simple look of Collar Balusters and Collar Baluster Accessories can enhance the entire look of your deck railing design

Collar Balusters

The rare look of collar pickets, or the easy-to-attach collar baluster accessory, allow a stately touch of detail along your wood deck railing. Choose from the Dekor Casey Collar baluster in either single or double collar designs or the Deckorators Collar Accessory to deliver the deck railing style you want.

A wonderful accent piece to install between standard square or round deck balusters, collar baluster accessories, or collared pickets generally draw the eye to specific parts of the railing to catch mirror architectural features you want to showcase.

Install Dekor Perfect Panel balusters to create a unique deck railing look

Baluster Panels

An incredibly unique centerpiece that demands attention, the Dekor Perfect Panel can be installed singularly centered in a railing section or along either end for a wonderful bookend look. The clean modern lines of the Dekor Baluster Panel stand strongly on their own amongst standard square balusters or round balusters, or can highlight your space further along face-mount balusters and styled spindles!

Mix and match your decorative deck balusters and spindles to create a one-of-a-kind deck baluster design that will set your railing apart from the rest this year with help from DecksDirect!

Let your creativity shine and create the perfect outdoor living space design your deck has always dreamed of with a bit of guidance from the deck designers at DecksDirect! Watch this quick, helpful video below to get some ideas and then bring your backyard aesthetic to life this year!

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