TimberTech Invite Collection: The Best Outdoor Furniture You've Ever Seen

Instantly Upgrade Your Deck With The Best Outdoor Furniture On The Market

Modern deck design is all about bringing the style and comfort of your indoor spaces into the Great Outdoors. When it comes to furniture, that's a big ask: your deck needs furniture as comfortable and great-looking as your indoor rooms but built to withstand all the elements of the outdoors.

The Most Comfortable, best-looking Outdoor Furniture Upgrading A beautiful deck space

Luckily, TimberTech has changed the game with its Invite Collection - the absolute best in deck furniture. Let's run through all the reasons you'll love TimberTech's luxury outdoor furniture:

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How TimberTech Created The Best Outdoor Furniture On The Market

At DecksDirect, we seek out only the best-performing deck products - and TimberTech Outdoor Furniture immediately caught our eyes. (That's why we are the first distributor in the country to carry it). Here are just a few of the reasons we're confident you'll love it too:

The Most Durable Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture materials, most options fall into one of two extremes: cheap, flimsy outdoor furniture that quickly wears out (but is cheap to replace) or stiff, uncomfortable metal furniture that weathers the elements without being welcoming.

TimberTech furniture is different. Made from top-quality HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene), the TimberTech Invite Collection has a soft, smooth, inviting finish that's also astonishingly weather-resistant.

Unlike cheap plastic or wicker chairs, TimberTech's patio furniture has enough weight to hold steady amid stiff winds - no more furniture blowing over or falling off your deck and sustaining unsightly scratches and scuffs. Unlike stiff, cold wrought-iron furniture, TimberTech's outdoor chairs and tables and comfortable and inviting without requiring pads or cushions. Because what's the point of choosing between uncomfortable furniture or cushions you have to remember to bring out and back inside with you every time you want to sit?

A mix of Coral and Canvas TimberTech Outdoor Furniture in front of a black house

The Best-Looking Outdoor Furniture

TimberTech is already known for the most beautiful and desired decking looks around. So it makes perfect sense that their deck furniture would take outdoor looks and styles to a new level, too.

TimberTech puts a modern spin on the classic Adirondack look, with sleek, rounded edges, graceful curves, and gorgeous, on-trend colors. Say goodbye to sharp angles and bright, obnoxious colors. TimberTech's furniture is all class - totally sophisticated, with a style that will consistently turn heads.

A set of TimberTech Invite Collection Outdoor Furniture sits on a manicured lawn near a pergola

The Most Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

TimberTech's design isn't just for show - these chairs are designed to be the most comfortable outdoor pieces you've ever sat on.

Take the Adirondack chairs: with subtle rounding in the backrest, you'll melt into your seat. Typical patio chairs have low-slung seats that are difficult to get into and out of. Not TimberTech - the seat is higher and set at a more comfortable angle with the backrest.

Plus, TimberTech offers an extremely rare piece: an outdoor loveseat. Instead of splitting up into separate chairs, enjoy your deck on a roomy two-person Mingle Bench with a loved one by your side.

A mix of black and white TimberTech Outdoor Furniture sits on a deck under a pergola

Patio Furniture That Ships To Your Door

No more worries about how to transport a fully-assembled deck chair home with you from the department store or showroom. With TimberTech furniture, you don't have to struggle to wedge patio chairs into a narrow backseat or tie them down securely in the bed of a pickup truck. Get TimberTech's Invite Collection delivered directly to your door in just a few days with DecksDirect's nationwide shipping reach.

Easy Assembly With Amazing Hidden Fasteners

You don't have to fear assembly, either - TimberTech furniture is so simple and intuitive to assemble that each piece should take you ten minutes or less.

TimberTech's Invite Collection uses innovative stainless steel hidden fasteners that are easy to use. And unlike many other outdoor furniture collections, these connections are actually hidden.

After assembly, your fasteners will completely disappear into your furniture, so you don't have unsightly metal pieces or sharp edges that snag clothes or present a risk to children or pets. With TimberTech, each piece of patio furniture has a smooth, polished, safe finish. Just try to spot the hidden fasteners in the TimberTech chair below:

A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In Black with a drink perched on the armrest

Meet The TimberTech Invite Collection

Here are the four beautiful pieces in the TimberTech Invite Collection:

TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair

This stylish modern twist on the classic Adirondack look is the most comfortable patio chair you've ever sat in. Give your deck the comfort of well-designed furniture with TimberTech's inviting lounge chair.

The TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair is also a great way to show off TimberTech's five trendy color options:

A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In Black

A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In White

A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In Coral

A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In Canvas

Storm Gray:
A TimberTech Adirondack Lounge Chair In Storm Gray

Each color gives your deck a unique character enhancement. That means no matter your style or outdoor decor, there's a TimberTech chair to match, like this modern farmhouse deck featuring the Canvas-color chairs below:

Two TimberTech Adirondack chairs in the off-white Canvas color sit near a reclaimed wood planter
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TimberTech Mingle Bench

True to its name, the TimberTech Invite Collection is all about togetherness: bringing together those you love in one comfortable outdoor space.

That's the spirit behind the TimberTech Mingle Bench, a one-of-a-kind hybrid between an Adirondack chair and a traditional loveseat. With plenty of space for two, the TimberTech Mingle Bench allows you enjoy your deck with a loved-one at your side. Indoor furniture can seat multiple guests - why can't your outdoor seating do the same?

A TimberTech Mingle Bench In Canvas

When it comes to style, the Mingle Bench is a perfect way to make your deck space feel cozier and more inviting. Mixing in a Mingle Bench next to your Adirondack Chair makes the space feel thoughtful and varied:

A TimberTech Mingle Bench along with an Adirondack Chair and Conversation Table in Coral color
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TimberTech Aside Table & Conversation Table

Complete your space with functional accent tables to bring the comfort of the indoors to your outdoor space. TimberTech's Invite Collection features an outdoor end table (the Aside Table) and an outdoor coffee table (the Conversation Table) to replicate the comfort of the indoors on your deck.

TimberTech Patio Furniture next to a hot tub

Both tables feature a playful, unique style that is sure to make your deck stand out from the crowd:

A TimberTech Invite Collection Conversation Table in Storm Gray

A top view of the TimberTech Invite Collection Conversation Table in Storm Gray

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A TimberTech Invite Collection Aside Table in Coral

A top view of the TimberTech Invite Collection Aside Table in Coral

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A mix of Coral and Canvas TimberTech Outdoor Furniture in front of a black house

If you've been stuck in the process of outdoor furniture shopping looking for a perfect fit for your deck, end the search. TimberTech's Invite Collection is the best patio furniture you'll find, pairing weather-resistant materials with total comfort and eye-catching style.

Check out the Invite Collection today and turn your deck into the inviting outdoor space you've always envisioned.

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