What Makes TimberTech Decking Special?

Your deck should be unique - just like you. For a deck that looks completely different from the rest of the neighborhood, check out TimberTech decking - they’re innovating with color and texture in ways no other deck board can match.

At DecksDirect, we love planning projects with TimberTech decking because it’s a beautiful product that produces incredibly desirable decks. How do TimberTech deck boards deliver such unique looks? Read on for a deep, detailed look at TimberTech decking color and texture!

A unique-looking deck with multi-width boards

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Why TimberTech Decking Looks Like Nothing Else On The Market

What makes TimberTech decking so desirable? It’s a combination of a few really exceptional things TimberTech does with its colors and textures that set the brand apart from other composite and PVC deck boards.

The amazing color blends of TimberTech Pro Legacy decking

DecksDirect has been planning deck projects across the country for more than a decade. Here’s what we see when we look at TimberTech deck boards:

TimberTech Decking Colors

TimberTech decking is an industry standout for color - not just the colors they use, but how they mix and blend tones to create a stylish, trendy, desirable deck look. Here are some highlights:

Subtle Color Mixes

A lot of PVC or composite deck boards advertise themselves as “multitonal” - but look harsh and jarring with streaky black and gray lines running up and down boards in an attempt to look like natural wood.

TimberTech avoids this trap without toning their boards down to boring solid colors. How? TimberTech boards do an incredible job subtly blending each of the color tones across each board. Deck boards can be beautifully multi-tonal without looking harsh and artificial - just check out the smoothness of the color blending in the Weathered Teak finish below:

The subtle color blending of TimberTech AZEK Decking

A Huge Range of Tones In Each Board

This one goes hand-in-hand with the subtlety shown above. TimberTech doesn’t pare down its color options to deliver a calming feel - they actually go the opposite direction. Each TimberTech deck board features an incredible range of color tones. That makes it easier to find a color that matches your home, railing, and decor, because the setting will draw out the specific tones within the board that match.

Here's a great close-up shot of all the colors present in TimberTech's gray-toned Ashwood color:

A close-up of the many color tones present in TimberTech Pro Legacy decking

Different Looks From Different Perspectives

That combination of subtle blending and a vast color range means TimberTech boards present really unique looks from every angle. From far away, TimberTech decking sings with curb appeal, showing a smooth, polished, on-trend color. But up close, TimberTech decking produces another round of “oohs” and “aahs” when your guests see the rich, vibrant color mixes and their intricate detailing.

From A Distance

Beautiful TimberTech Ashwood decking from a distance

Up Close

A close-up of the color blend of TimberTech Ashwood decking

24 Color Options From DecksDirect

Of all the premium decking lines we carry, TimberTech has the most color options available with our detailed project planning and reliably fast shipping. We carry 24 different colors of TimberTech decking across six different decking lines. (To learn more about the differences between each line, check out our TimberTech Decking Guide here.) For free project planning guidance, give our team of experienced project planners at call at 1-888-824-5316!

All TimberTech Decking Color Options

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Coastline
TimberTech AZEK Vintage Weathered Teak
Weathered Teak
TimberTech AZEK Harvest Brownstone
TimberTech PRO Legacy Espresso
TimberTech PRO Legacy Whitewash Cedar
Whitewash Cedar
TimberTech PRO Terrain Brown Oak
Brown Oak
TimberTech AZEK Vintage Dark Hickory
Dark Hickory
TimberTech AZEK Landmark American Walnut
American Walnut
TimberTech AZEK Harvest Kona
TimberTech PRO Legacy Mocha
TimberTech PRO Reserve Antique Leather
Antique Leather
TimberTech PRO Terrain Rustic Elm
Rustic Elm
TimberTech AZEK Vintage English Walnut
English Walnut
TimberTech AZEK Landmark Castle Gate
Castle Gate
TimberTech AZEK Harvest Slate Gray
Slate Gray
TimberTech PRO Legacy Pecan
TimberTech PRO Reserve Dark Roast
Dark Roast
TimberTech PRO Terrain Silver Maple
Silver Maple
TimberTech AZEK Vintage Mahogany
TimberTech AZEK Landmark French White Oak
French White Oak
TimberTech PRO Legacy Ashwood
TimberTech PRO Legacy Tigerwood
TimberTech PRO Reserve Driftwood
TimberTech PRO Terrain Stone Ash
Stone Ash
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TimberTech Decking Textures

Color is only half the equation, though. TimberTech also excels in its diverse range of textures that make its decking look gorgeous and unique. Here’s what TimberTech is doing to set its texture apart from the rest:

Matte Finishes Eliminate Plastic Looks

A lot of composite or PVC deck boards can look glossy, plastic, and fake - especially when compared to the beautifully soft looks of TimberTech decking. TimberTech’s boards feature a low-gloss matte finish that absorbs the light without reflecting it. That makes your boards glow with beauty, not with harsh reflective plastic.

The soft, matte finish of TimberTech Tigerwood decking

The soft, non-glossy finish really allows TimberTech’s amazing color mixes to shine through, rather than being obscured by shiny reflections of light. There’s also ad added performance bonus: TimberTech boards provide great foot traction and don’t get slick like plastic-looking boards do.

Real Beauty - Not Imitation Wood

Some low-maintenance decking sets out to mimic the look of traditional lumber. TimberTech chooses a different path: the goal isn’t lumber looks - it’s the most beautiful boards possible.

Because of that, TimberTech delivers a class of beauty all its own. Even the best imitation wood boards will only look like wood - that’s setting the bar too low. TimberTech decking proves that with composite and PVC material, even more is possible. TimberTech creates incredibly desirable decks in a class of their own when it comes to beauty because of the unique, showstopping looks of each TimberTech board.

Authentic Cross-Cut Finishes

TimberTech thinks outside the box when it comes to texture, mixing up different brushing patterns and graining looks to suit a ton of different deck style options. One especially notable look is TimberTech’s distinctive cross-cut graining.

TimberTech’s unique cross-cut texture

Found in TimberTech Landmark decking, this cross-textured look really delivers on the farmhouse styling that’s exploding across the country right now. The cross-texturing subtly resembles the scraping of a sawblade, while the underlying cathedral graining gives the board the distinct look of brilliantly reclaimed wood.

4 Texture Options From DecksDirect

Between our 6 different TimberTech decking lines, you have your choice of four unique textures to fit your personal style. To learn which texture will fit best with your house or your dream deck style, give our project planning team a call at 1-888-824-5316.

Here’s a run-down of each texture and the decking lines that feature them:

Wire-Brushed Finish

TimberTech Vintage Wire-brushed finish
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Hand-Scraped Finish

TimberTech’s hand-scraped finish
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Cross-Cut Grain

TimberTech close-up texture
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Cathedral Grain

TimberTech Cathedral Graining
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Learn More About TimberTech Decking

TimberTech Cross-Cut Grain
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TimberTech deck watching sunrise

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