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How To Shop For Composite Deck Railing


If you’re looking to spruce up an existing deck, or building a brand new one, you can’t go wrong with composite deck railing. Just like composite decking, composite railings are extraordinarily durable, and that’s a double win: not only will a composite railing last longer than wood deck railing, you’ll also spend less time inspecting and maintaining it every year.

Beyond that, composite railings open up your design options with an endless range of colors, finishes and styles. You can mix and match a wealth of railing styles with any number of baluster shapes, sizes and colors to make your deck railing truly one of a kind. With an incredible amount of customization options, it’s no wonder composite railings are such a popular option for deck renovations or new builds.

The downside of having so many options? It can be overwhelming to start the shopping process. What good are all the options in the world if you don’t know where to start navigating them?

4 Easy Steps To Finding the Best Composite Deck Railing For You

That’s exactly the problem DecksDirect is here to solve. We don’t drop you in a virtual hardware store without a map - we draw you a map and then walk beside you through the duration of your project to make sure you take full advantage of the amazing railing options available to you.

If you’re looking to take your deck to the next level, or if you’re building a new outdoor living space from the ground up, we’ve created this guide to help you start the exploration process. Follow these four easy steps, and we’ll make sure you find not just a great railing, but the perfect railing for you.

No matter where you’re at in the process, our design team is always available to answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send an email to hello@decksdirect.com to get started!

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Find out how to shop for composite railing, such as this Deckorators CXT Pro deck railing line, and complete your home's deck space

1) Browse Online Composite Deck Railing Image Galleries

Check out different deck railing image galleries to see the styles and railing designs you like - and which ones fit your home's outdoor space. From Pinterest boards and Instagram posts, the web is full of outdoor inspiration. To get the clearest picture of what a specific railing actually looks like on a real deck, we love our gallery of customer-submitted photos, which you can filter and sort any way you want. This will also help you figure out what combinations of composite railing and composite decking really pop together.

Save or bookmark these deck design examples. Later, you can shop composite deck railings by brand, or by the style shown in your notes. Be sure to note what kind of atmosphere and attitude you'd like for your deck and outdoor space, as well as, the main activities you'll be doing there. Is your family's house a popular gathering spot for family and friends to spend time together? Are you looking for a quiet, tranquil place where you can relax the worries of your day away? Love cooking dinners and spending nights out on the deck?

Plan for your family's lifestyle and activities and work forward from there when shopping for composite deck railing to suit your space and style.

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2) Focus on the profile and design of the top rail and infill

One of the most important features of any deck railing system is the profile and design of the top rail. Composite deck railing brands have crafted a wide array of shapes, feel, and aesthetics to achieve nearly any style.

Do you want to add a deck board along the top rail to create a flat, level drink rail along your deck perimeter? We recommend that you choose a deck railing line with a non-curved top rail for easy installation of a drink rail. Does your home have a classic architectural style and outdoor aesthetic? We recommend selecting a more softly rounded top rail with beveled edges and lines to keep your deck looks consistent throughout.

After the top rail, the most noticeable portion of a deck railing line is the composite railing infill. Infill runs between your horizontal rails and vertical posts. There’s a huge selection of options to fill in your composite railing system including aluminum deck balusters, composite deck balusters, glass balusters, cable railing, and more. Homeowners and DIY deck builders have the option to choose the perfect railing infill to complete the space. Mixing and matching railing infill types, such as combining aluminum balusters and glass balusters in different railing sections, is a great option to create a one-of-a-kind deck railing design.

Consider the view out from your deck as well as the curb appeal you'd like to present to neighbors and passersby. If you're seeking to keep your backyard views open and clear, we recommend a more transparent infill option such as stainless steel cable railing or tempered glass balusters. If you're desiring a more sturdy and substantial deck railing look for your home, composite deck balusters will be a fantastic choice for your outdoor space. These thick, strong composite deck balusters can help highlight the architectural style of your home and deliver an appearance that demands attention.

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3) Find the Perfect Color Combination for Your Outdoor Space

One of the most beloved features of composite railing is the sheer number of premium finishes available to customers, as well as the option to combine two or more shades to create a customized, never-before-seen deck railing design. Several composite railing lines, such as Trex Select railing, will be offered solely in a classic white deck post cover, top rail, and bottom rail color option that can then be combined with infill balusters of any color.

Other popular composite deck railings like the TimberTech/AZEK RadianceRail line or the Deckorators CXT Pro composite rail line offer different color options for each railing component. Create the exact color combination and deck railing design that you want to highlight your home.

Shop composite deck railing brands including TimberTech/AZEK, Durables, and Trex as shown here, to find the best composite railing line for your home's outdoor space

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4) Reach Out to a Deck Designer

The easiest step in this whole process is to give one of our expert deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316. Whether you have a clear view of what you’d like in a railing, or you’re still trying to figure out how to narrow down the massive field of options, our designers would love to connect with you and help talk things out.

At DecksDirect, we offer free design consultations - it’s part of what makes us unique. We’re committed to our ideal of Real People, Real Service. That means when you pick up the phone, you’ll get a real, experienced deck professional who is prepared to answer your questions and help you find the perfect railing fit for your lifestyle.

With your design details handy and your deck measurements written down, we can make sure that you only have to place one single order to get everything you need all in one go. No missing parts, no mystery pieces and no over-buying - we'll even provide a deck railing layout for straightforward deck railing installation.

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