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Tightening Quick-Connect® Tensioner fittings is now easier than ever with the new Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheel by Feeney. This tool grips firmly onto the flat sides of the fitting using a specially designed spring-ball retainer and allows for a full, thorough rotation without needing to stop and reposition your wrench. Specifically meant to be used with standard 1/8 inch Quick-Connect® cable fittings, save time and get your cable railing project finished faster with helpful tools from Feeney.

To use, simply slide the Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheel onto the flat sides of the tensioner fitting. Then, rotate the Wrench Wheel by hand to adjust the cable tension while also holding the tensioner fitting in place via a stable wrench. No longer a two-wrench or two-person job; the Feeney Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheel helps you save time and money while gaining a professional and stunning deck railing design for your home.

Feeney Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheels are sold individually and are compatible for use with standard 1/8 inch thick stainless steel cable.


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For 1/8 in cable fittings
Material TypeSteel
Package Contents(1) Wrench
Pack SizeEach
WarrantyView CableRail Warranty Information
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