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Versatile, multifunctional and incredibly helpful to have in your tool belt, the 1/8 inch CableRail MultiTool from Feeney combines six different purposes into one palm-sized tool. All the gadgets and devices you could need for a smooth cable deck railing system installation all in one, from measuring your cable openings on deck posts to lacing your 1/8 stainless steel cable through all posts and intermediate pickets with ease and checking to ensure your deck railing posts and rails are mounted level; the Feeney 1/8 inch CableRail MultiTool provides it all. Just when installing CableRail Kits for Wood Posts or CableRail Kits for Aluminum Posts couldn't be more effortless, the 1/8 inch CableRail MultiTool from Feeney combines the tools you need for the cable railing system you want all-in-one.The Functions of 1/8 inch CableRail MultiTool from Feeney CableRail:

  • Included Quick-Connect® Release Tool to open the locking-jaws of Quick-Connect® fittings to remove or adjust the cable line
  • Bubble Level to measure and check for an even, horizontal install.
  • Included CableRail Cable Lacing Needle for quickly threading loose 1/8 inch cable ends through post and intermediate picket holes without fraying or snagging
  • Stainless Steel Machinist's Ruler to confirm cable hole spacing and gauge depth attaches magnetically to the tool for ultimate convenience
  • Tapping Tool ideal for quickly inserting and installing tight cable hardware fittings such as Quick-Connect® SS Fittings and Protective Sleeves
  • Machined Slot opening for 1/8 inch Feeney CableRail for inserting Quick-Connect® Protection Seals and Isolation Bushings with ease


DecksDirect # 7594

CableRail MultiTool Instructions (0.98 MB) 

CableRail Installation Instructions (388 KB) 

Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance (88.1 KB) 

CableRail Warranty (53.1 KB) 

Dimensions 29/32 in x 13/16 in x 6 in
Type CableRail MultiTool
Pack Size Each
Material Type Vinyl polymer
WarrantyView CableRail Warranty Information

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