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Installing a CableRail setup for a stairs section is now easier than ever with Feeney's all-in-one cable stair railing kit. This 20 foot cable railing kit comes with all the hardware needed and a sleek 1/8 inch diameter cable to create and mount a stainless steel cable stair railing without the tedious installation time. The patented Quick-Connect® Pivot Fittings combined with the Threaded Terminal Ends and their coordinating Beveled Washers will make running and tensioning your cable runs on their staircase angle a breeze. Simply measure and drill the cable openings in your mounted deck posts, install the Quick-Connect pivot lag, run the 1/8 inch thick stainless steel cable through all of your intermediate posts and tighten the Snug-Grip® nut on the installed Threaded Tension fitting after placing the beveled washer in place.

To cover the Snug-Grip® washer nuts and Quick-Connects on your first and last posts, choose from a variety of end caps including CableRail Colored End Caps or CableRail Stainless Steel End Caps (sold separately) to give your cable deck railing a finished, polished look. DecksDirect strongly recommends purchasing a CableRail Release Tool, CableRail Cable Cutter, CableRail Lacing Needle, and Cable Tensioning Tool for Cable Rail (all sold separately) to get the job done quickly and smoothly.

Will CableRail pass building code?
Building code varies by location, it is best to check with you local building department before installing or updating your deck.
How far apart should I space my cables?
It is recommended spacing cables no more than 3 inches apart. The International Building Code states that a 4 inch sphere cannot pass through any opening in your railing, and since cable is non-rigid, the flex of the cable must be taken into account.
How far apart should I space my posts?
It is recommended to have a post or intermediate picket at least every 3 feet. This combined with cables spaced 3 inches apart, enables the cables to be tensioned such that they won't open past the 4 inch sphere code requirement.

Don't forget to order a Release Tool
Your installation could be delayed if you are unable to disconnect a cable from a Quick-Connect® fitting! We strongly recommend adding a Release Tool to every Feeney CableRail order!


DecksDirect # 6702

CableRail Stair Installation Instructions (1.86 MB) 

Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance (88.1 KB) 

CableRail Warranty (53.1 KB) 

Type7-1/2 in Terminal (3 in to 6 in wood post)
Lengths20 ft
Sizes1/8 in
Pack SizeEach
Material Type316 stainless steel
Package Contents(1) 20 ft length cable in 1/8 in diameter with Threaded Terminal fitting pre-attached, (1) Quick-Connect® Pivot fitting, (1) 1/4 in 20RH Snug-Grip® washer nut, (1) 3/4 in OD x 9/32 inID beveled washer, and (1) 1 in OD x 3/8 in ID flat washer
WarrantyView CableRail Warranty Information
The innovative 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch CableRail Release Tool by Feeney allows you to open the locking jaws within the Feeney Quick-Connect® fitting to remove your cable and fix any installation mistakes. Keep your installation fast and easy!
Starting at: $8.19
CableRail Intermediate Picket by Feeney
Starting at: $57.83
CableRail Stainless Protector Sleeves by Feeney
Starting at: $1.35
Quick-Connect® Wrench Wheel by Feeney
Starting at: $14.72
Choose from the 9/16 in, 3/8 in, or 9/32 in beveled washer sizes to complete your 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch thick Feeney CableRail setup.
Starting at: $7.38

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