Horizontal Cable Railing Systems

Horizontal cable railing on a deck is overlooking a beautiful blue and orange sunrise

Modern railing looks and unobstructed deck views. Horizontal cable railing delivers safety and style, while stainless steel cable runs effectively disappear into your stunning deck view. For unforgettably modern deck railing, go horizontal.

The most premium horizontal cable railing options anywhere. DecksDirect carries the most in-stock cable railing options you’ll find anywhere - and we’ve got the expertise to help you plan your project down to the smallest details.

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General Horizontal Cable Railing FAQs

How Does Horizontal Cable Railing Improve My View?

Do Horizontal Cable Railings Meet Building Codes?

Choosing Your Horizontal or Cable Deck Railing

How Do I Find The Right Cable Railing System For Me?

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Installing Horizontal Cable Deck Railing

How Do I Install Horizontal Cable Railing Around Corners?