Everything You Need To Know About Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are an eco-friendly and easy-to-install flooring option to add polish to your outdoor living spaces. Because of their simple installation methods, long lifespans, and low maintenance needs, deck tiles make an ideal addition for rental properties like condos or Airbnb units in addition to residential homes.

From hardwoods to composite tiles to porcelain pavers, deck tiles come in a range of materials and styles to perfectly fit your space, whether you’re creating a luxurious rooftop deck, a peaceful backyard patio, or a sparkling poolside oasis. DecksDirect is here to guide you through the options so you can create a space that’s uniquely you. Read on for everything you need to know, or give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to chat with an experienced deck project planner.

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Find out everything you need to know about deck tiles, such as the Bison Ipe Wood Deck Tiles shown, to create your dream rooftop deck or patio

What Are Deck Tiles?

Deck tiles are an enviromentally-friendly, gorgeous, and cost-effective way to cover or resurface an outdoor space on a budget. Deck tiles are typically square or rectangular blocks that connect to create a ground-level patio of any shape or size. That means you can get the look of a beautiful composite or wood deck surface, even if you don’t have the time or budget to build a full deck frame from the ground up.

Deck tiles are made in a variety of materials with different looks and feels. You can find real wood deck tiles made of hardwoods like these Brazilian Ipe or Cumaru offerings from Bison. Bison also produces porcelain pavers with luxurious wood or marble looks. Or, you can choose eco-friendly composite deck tiles from NewTechWood.

Whether working with wood deck tiles or new Bison Porcelain Pavers as shown, resurfacing your outdoor space has never been easier than with deck tiles

Why Choose Deck Tiles?

Deck tiles make for an awesome outdoor upgrade, especially for rental properties, condos, or home in need of a quick outdoor upgrade. Here’s why:

Deck Tiles Are Quick & Easy To Install

Some systems use interlocking deck tiles that snap together. Others install onto pedestals with a simple screw-and-washer fastening system. What they all have in common: simple, logical installation you can complete quickly, whether you’re an experienced pro or a budding DIYer.

You Don’t Need A Flat Surface To Install Outdoor Deck Tiles

With pedestal systems, you can create a smooth, flat patio surface on uneven or unlevel ground. Adjustable supports give you flexibility to extend your patio space wherever you want it - and they can install over concrete, stone, or brick, on the ground or on a rooftop.

Decking Tiles Are Low-Maintenance & High-Quality

At DecksDirect, we only carry deck products we can trust for long-lasting quality without intense maintenance needs. That means a deck tile look that will last, without draining hours and hours of your time with routine maintenance. For owners of rental properties, that means you can create a beautiful, appealing space for renters to enjoy without having to constantly repair and replace weathered parts.

You Can Get Any Deck Tile Style & Look You Want

Composite deck tiles come in five different finish options made with the colors and textures of authentic wood grains. You can browse porcelain pavers in 9 finish options with luxury marbled looks or classy wood grains. Add in cubes for built-in planters and trays for other decorative elements, and you can mix and match elements for a completely unique, unforgettable patio space unlike any other in the neighborhood.

Use wood or composite deck tiles to create gorgeous rooftop patios in any style

How Do I Install Deck Tiles?

You’ll typically install deck tiles using supports and pedestals, which anchor them down and keep all tiles lined up consistently. Bison deck pedestals support wood or porcelain deck tiles up off the ground to create a new level space and protect the wood from moisture-damage.

One pedestal sits at each corner of your deck tiles, supporting four different tiles and locking them together in a consistent geometric pattern. All it takes is a simple two-piece fastening kit to lock all four tiles down.

NewTechWood’s composite deck tile offerings just snap together, making them extremely easy to install. NewTechWood tiles sit on attached grids that keep the composite boards up off the ground and allow water to drain away.

Creating Deck Tile Patterns

You can easily create eye-catching patterns and textures throughout your outdoor space by alternating the direction of your deck tiles. Or, you can create a decorative perimeter around outdoor space or highlight a path through your patio by installing darker-colored pieces in specific areas.

Combine deck tiles to create eye-catching board patterns and designs

How Do I Clean Deck Tiles?

Cleaning off your tiled outdoor flooring is incredibly easy! Brush away any leaves, dirt, or debris with your household broom or vacuum. We’d recommend using a soft-bristled daily broom rather than a workshop or garage broom to avoid unnecessary scratching.

Rinse off the deck, porch, or patio area with a hose and then wash the outdoor decking area with mild dishwashing liquid soap and warm water. Recommended soaps include Dawn® or Joy® dishwashing detergent: these liquid soaps won't leave a residue or negatively affect your decking tiles.

You may also create a DIY deck tile cleaning solution with 2 gallons of clean water and roughly 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar.

Rinse the outdoor tiles with clean water and then dry them lightly with a clean rag or towel.

Can You Stain Wood Deck Tiles?

Composite and porcelain deck tiles will never need staining, but you can stain your wooden deck tiles to lock in the color you want.

We recommend Ipe Oil by DeckWise to give your wooden deck tiles a protective layer against mold, mildew, and moisture while enhancing the look and feel of the natural wood below.

Learn all of the details on what deck tiles are and how to install deck tiles in your outdoor area such as the Ipe Hardwood Deck Tiles by Bison

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