DIY July: Instant Privacy For Your Yard

Introducing DIY July - our month long look at the easiest deck projects that anyone can install.

An easy upgrade for any deck: DIY Privacy Panels

Privacy Panels You Can Easily DIY

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space without taking on a major project?

Check out our ultra-easy Privacy Panels from Barrette Outdoor Living! You can transform the look of your space while adding valuable privacy from the neighbors to create a serene outdoor escape right outside your back door.

A cozy, inviting deck with a luxurious deck chair, made private by a white privacy panel railing

Just assemble the frame. Then add the panel of your choice. Boom: Instant privacy.

Step 1:
The frame for a privacy railing
Step 2:
A privacy railing cordoning off a hot tub

Privacy panels come in a wide range of looks, too, from the free-flowing sprig pattern above to the more formal Boardwalk pattern at the top of the page.

For maximum privacy, you can choose the RDI Privacy Panels below. You'll get less of a breeze through your space, but also complete privacy for yard:

A private backyard with privacy panels making the space cozy
A section of RDI privacy panel railing
A pool area separated from a sitting area by a Barrette privacy panel

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