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DIY July: Light Your Deck In Minutes

Light Your Deck In Minutes With Solar Post Caps

Here's how to install solar-powered post cap lights on your deck railing posts:

  • Step 1: Set the post cap on your post.
A solar post cap light placed on top of a cedar deck post

That's it.

(I mean, you may have to fasten it with a screw or a thin line of silicone adhesive, depending on the post cap. But that's it. No wiring required, no installing bulbs, no measuring, cutting or assembling.)

A solar post cap light from Aurora Deck Lighting

The solar panel will immediately start charging and at nightfall, the built-in photocell will automatically turn on your post cap lights, giving you the luxurious late-night hangout spot you've always wanted.

A beautiful cozy deck lit up by solar post cap lights at night

So what are you waiting for? Lighting up your deck can take just minutes. Probably less time than you're spending right now reading this article.

Shop today and make your deck the star of the neighborhood - with just a few minutes of work.

Get Started
Two solar post cap lights on a set of deck stairs

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How To Get The Right Post Cap Size

Check out our Post Cap Diagram below. Measure the width of your posts, including the post sleeve or cover if there is one. Choose a post cap with an opening size slightly larger than your posts or post sleeves.

A diagram showing the various dimensions of a post cap and what each one is called

For example, if your posts are a true 4x4 (4 inches by 4 inches), look for a post cap with an opening size between 4-1/16 and 4-1/8 inches.

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