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Polishing off your deck railing design and layout with decorative and durable post caps can enhance your entire outdoor living space as well as protect your deck posts from damaging moisture, dirt, and debris. Deck post caps, also known as fence post caps, provide a shield against water damage and water rot, while also adding a touch of detail and decor to your backyard space with its specific post cap profile.

Available in a wide array of materials, post cap designs, and finishes, there are tons of options to browse before settling on the perfect final touch for your deck railing layout and aesthetic.

What are post caps made of?

Common post cap materials include:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Composite & Vinyl

Strong metal post caps will deliver a dash of modernity to a wood railing setup or blend in seamlessly with contemporary metal railing systems. Classic wood toppers provide an elegant appearance that top off any deck railing design without overpowering your existing look. Composite and vinyl post cap options are crafted from durable material for increased longevity that won't fade or gray over time.

Different Post Cap Profiles for Your Deck Post

What shape of post cap is right for my deck?

Deck post caps come in all sorts of shapes, including:

  • Pyramid
  • Flat Top
  • Plateau
  • Thin Flat Top
  • Hatteras
  • Ball Top

We'll run through each of those six below:

Pyramid post caps add a touch of height and attractiveness to your deck railing posts that will draw the eyes upwards to give the illusion of a larger space

Pyramid Post Cap

Providing the crowning touch for a railing layout and outdoor living space, pyramid caps combine simplicity and elegance in one deck post product. The ideal way to highlight your metal or hardwood posts, pyramid post caps typically include color-coordinating installation screws to attach the inset wall of the post topper to the railing post.

The lighted versions of the pyramid post topper are available as solar post lights or low-voltage post lights to easily complete your deck lighting design. The deck post lights themselves will either be created as a halo light around all four sides of the cap or as deck downlights that will shine down to illuminate the post.

Keep your deck railing design looking sleek and low-key amazing with flat top post caps atop your deck posts to highlight your deck railing

Flat Top Post Cap

A versatile railing style with a cool, timeless appeal, flat top caps add a level base to the deck railing posts for a stately style. Blending form and function together in one design, flat top post toppers can be used as platforms to safely set down drinks or plates while outside.

Choose from a simple, thin flat top cap that simply adds an architectural level to your posts by sitting on top delicately. Or, you can go with a more substantial large flat post cap with decorative ledges that will complement wood deck posts, metal posts, or composite post sleeves.

Get the best of both worlds with the plateau post cap profile attached throughout your outdoor living space

Plateau Post Cap

Create a unique look for your outdoor living space with the marvelous look of plateau post caps. The middle ground choice between pyramid tops and flat tops, plateau deck post toppers provide a level space for family and guests to lean and relax while the heightened portion of the pyramid base creates a solid post base.

Also referred to as flat pyramid post toppers, the post light version of the plateau post caps can feature either an LED glow ring around all four sides of the topper or can be lit downwards on all or as many sides of the post cap as you like!

For a post cap design that attacts attention while allowing your deck posts to shine choose the Thin Flat Top Post Cap

Thin Flat Top Post Cap

For a delicate addition to your backyard railing, consider mounting thin flat top post caps atop the posts. Generally applied to the post via silicone adhesive rather than any installation screws or post cap base, thin level caps also allow space to rest plates and cups during a backyard barbecue, or plants and other decorations.

While typically not offered as post cap lights, thin flat top caps can be crafted from wood or metal materials such as cedar and pressure-treated pine, or powder-coated aluminum or steel. Browse the handcrafted line from Acorn Deck Products to seem some prime styles and examples of simple and elegant thin flat top post toppers.

With varying levels and detailed beveled edges, the Hatteras wood post cap provides a complex looking detail to your wood deck railing

Hatteras Post Cap

Add detail and style to your deck posts with the minimalist look of the Hatteras design. With varying levels and a sleek squared profile, the Hatteras post cap rises at a low angle and complements any fence, porch, or deck layout.

Featuring a beveled edge base and a raised top portion to create the complete Hatteras profile, the Hatteras fence post cap delivers a substantial look for railing posts.

Gain a bold, contemporary look for your outdoor living space with Ball Top post caps atop your deck railing posts

Ball Top Post Cap

Have your deck railing or staircase banisters stand out from the rest on your block with the striking profile of the Ball Top Post Cap. Create a bold, contemporary look for your deck railing design with the ball top cap that also allows family, friends, and guests something to hold on to when walking past level and stair railing.

Ball top deck post caps are typically made from natural wood materials, powder-coated aluminum, or with a wooden cap base and a plated plastic top portion.

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