Deck Post Caps

Deck Post Caps

From decorative post caps to solar post cap lights, post caps can enhance your deck railing from everyday to extraordinary. Illuminate your outdoor space with low-voltage LED post cap lights or keep the look classic with wooden post caps completing your deck design.

We carry a wide range of post caps available in various colors, materials, sizes, and styles to perfect your deck aesthetic. Popular post cap sizes, such as 4x4 post caps, 6x6 post caps, 4x6 post caps, and more, are in stock and available to be shipped to you today.

Read through the most popular deck post cap frequently asked questions below to learn more about how to protect and decorate your deck.

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What Are Post Caps?

Post caps are pieces that fit on the tops of fences or deck posts to cover and protect the deck post. They function as a protective covering for the most vulnerable part of a post, that is, the end of the grain. When it rains, the deck post cap keeps water out of the end grain, helping prevent rot, mold, mildew, and moss growth from harming your deck posts. These post caps will ultimately help the deck post last longer.

How Much Does a Post Cap Cost?

Vinyl post caps or wood post caps, non-lighted, can cost anywhere between $3 and $30 per cap while non-lighted caps made of metal usually start around $12 per piece. The more elaborate the post cap design, the more expensive the piece becomes. Those with additional features, like low-voltage LED lighting or solar-powered lights, are naturally costlier.

How High Should Deck Post Caps Be?

Across the United States, the general rule of thumb is that deck railing should be at least 36 inches high, from the deck board surface to the top of the top rail. Deck posts generally sit 1 to 3 inches taller than the top deck rail. A post cap is a covering that goes on post or fence tops, so you only have to consider the size of the head of the post.

Are Fence Post Caps Necessary?

Yes, they are. Many people think they are only decorative, but these coverings also have a practical use. They protect fences and posts from rain and moisture and help posts, especially those made of wood, last much longer. They also add an elegant or modern twist to ordinary-looking fences or posts.

What Are Fence Caps Made Of?

They come in different materials, including wood, vinyl, composite, and metals, like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. If you want to add outdoor lighting, some also have built-in low-voltage LED lamps for outdoor illumination. For those who want to save energy but want more illumination in their outdoor living space, there are solar-powered cap lights.

Which Post Cap Material is the Most Durable?

In general, vinyl, composite, and metal are highly durable materials and can better withstand constant exposure to direct sunlight, heat, and inclement weather when compared to other deck railing material. In contrast, wood is more vulnerable to elements and tends to wear faster.

How Do You Make Post Caps Last Longer?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to help deck and outdoor fixtures last longer. For these coverings, avoid getting them wet when you’re cleaning them or watering your lawn and plants. Use gentle cleaners for removing dirt and grime. Scrub surfaces with care using a soft brush or towel. Get rid of any liquid residue, and wipe the surface with a dry cloth after cleaning. Finally, apply a protective sealant on the coverings or anti-corrosion spray for metal lids.

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