How to Clean Tree Sap Off of Trex Decking

How to Clean Your Trex Decking and Railing

Keep your Trex composite deck products clear from spots and sap.

One of the most popular deck brands in the industry, Trex is a customer and contractor favorite choice year after year. Strong and durable, all while delivering the timeless look of natural wood with none of the staining, splintering and water damage the organic wood presents. Composite decking and railing has been taking over the deck building industry as it promises a low-maintenance method to help your home gain a brand new outdoor living room.

The only question is, "How do I clean my composite decking and railing?"

DecksDirect Pro Tip:

To clean tough blemishes like tree sap, honey or dried foods from your Trex composite products act fast and try these three manufacturer-recommended methods.

1) Trex recommends using warm, soapy water to start. Use a mild, liquid dish soap such as "Joy®" or "Dawn®" and add roughly 1/4 cup of soap to 1 gallon of warm, clean water. With a soft new sponge, lightly working out and loosening the stained spot. When clear, rinse off the former blemish, and towel or air-dry the composite material.

2) In an inconspicuous area, test a cleaner such as "Goo Gone®" or mineral spirits and very lightly scrub the area, checking often for discoloration. If no discoloration occurs, continue applying the cleaner directly to the sap or stain maintaining a light, scrubbing motion. Warning -- heavy scrubbing motions will cause discoloration of composite boards and railings.

3) Have large drops of tree sap, honey etc? Place ice in a sealed bag and set the bag over the sap area. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, letting the stain to dry and harden. Once ready, use a putty knife or razor to gently chip off as must of the area as possible. Be very careful not to cut or trim the composite decking or railing.

Make the absolute most of your outdoor space and keep your maintenance minimal with the incredible looks of the Trex composite decking and railing


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