How To Choose Between Deckorators Voyage vs Vault Deck Boards

Deckorators makes high-quality products for decks, and their deck board options deliver some of the highest quality and durability on the market. With several different decking lines, Deckorators has an option to fit different styles and budgets.

Some Deckorators decking lines are differentiated by different decking materials: Voyage and Vault decking are made of mineral-based composite, while Vista and Trailhead are made from traditional wood-plastic composite. The differences between Voyage and Vault deck boards are mostly in look and style. Read on to learn more and find the best board for your deck:

Deckorators Voyage high-quality deck boards with luxury glass railing

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Why Should I Choose Deckorators Composite Decking?

When it comes to deck products, Deckorators is known for its incredible quality. Deckorators decking is a premium choice of deck board, perfect for a luxurious deck that's built to last for years.

One way Deckorators is pushing the envelope of premium decking is with their innovative mineral-based composite decking - an innovative decking material that improves on traditional wood-plastic composites.

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The multi-tonal Deckorators Voyage Sierra deck boards match a white deck railing

What Is Mineral-Based Composite Decking?

Mineral-based composite decking, sometimes called MBC decking, combines high-quality plastic polymers with durable minerals for a deck board designed to hold up extremely well in harsh outdoor environments and through wide temperature swings.

Mineral-based composite decking is the newest and best in low-maintenance decking technology, and Deckorators has pioneered the material. Here are a few of the key ways MBC decking makes for amazing decks:

What is mineral-based composite decking? The newest and best in decking technology

Stable & Consistent: Virtually No Thermal Expansion Or Contraction

Many of the issues with wood decking stem from wood's tendency to expand and contract as temperatures change. That dimensional instability causes deck boards to warp, crack, split, and work fasteners loose over time.

Composite and PVC decking have improved on wood's stability with reduced expansion and contraction as temperatures change. But mineral-based composites take things to a whole new level, showing virtually no thermal expansion or contraction. That means your boards stay remarkably stable and secure no matter how wildly the outdoor temperatures fluctuate from season to season.

A Deckorators Vault deck with matching mineral-based composite fascia boards

More Strength, Less Weight

Mineral-based composites are also known for their incredible relative strength. Deckorators says its MBC boards show the industry's best strength to weight ratio, delivering better strength than typical composite deck boards while also weighing in lighter.

This video from Deckorators shows off the incredible strength of mineral-based composite boards, which withstand blows from a sledgehammer that shatter other decking materials.

What’s The Best Deckorators Decking Line For My Project?

If you're looking for a deck built to last in any climate, Deckorators is an excellent choice. So which Deckorators line should you start looking at? We run through the differences in Deckorators decking lines below:

Deckorators Voyage Mineral-Based Composite Decking

The Big Picture: Voyage is Deckorators' top-quality deck board with natural looks and the best surface traction.


  • Natural-looking streaking
  • Multi-tonal colors
  • Best surface traction among Deckorators boards
  • Can be used as cladding
  • Mineral-based composite material
The modern beauty of Deckorators Tundra decking goes great with a steel pergola

Deckorators Voyage decking combines all the practical benefits of mineral-based composite with the brand's best looks and styles.

The key to a lot of it lies in Voyage's textured finish. The textured embossing gives Deckorators Voyage boards the look and feel of natural wood - but it also provides increased surface traction. That makes Voyage a great choice for decks near water, where it's especially important to protect against slips and falls.

As the sun sets and temperatures change, Deckorators mineral-based composite decking stays stable and strong

Each Voyage board combines a range of beautiful colors in a rich, streaked pattern that complements the ridged texture. Deckorators Voyage comes in six different color options with matching fascia and riser boards.

A close-up of the texture of a Deckorators Voyage mineral-based composite deck board

Deckorators Voyage Colors:

  • Costa
  • Khaya
  • Mesa
  • Sedona
  • Sierra
  • Tundra
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Deckorators Vault Mineral-Based Composite Decking

The Big Picture: Vault is a more cost-effective version of a mineral-based composite deck board, with a more traditional cathedral grain look.


  • Flatter surface texture
  • Classic cathedral grain look
  • Can be used as cladding
  • Mineral-based composite material
Deckorators mineral-based composite decking on a dock

Deckorators Vault decking offers the performance benefits of mineral-based decking at a slightly more cost-effective price point. Like the Voyage line, it features virtually no thermal expansion or contraction, plus the incredible strength-to-weight ratio of Deckorators MBC decking.

The main difference between Voyage and Vault comes down to looks.

Where Voyage features long streaks of both color and texture, Vault is a more subtle texture with peaked cathedral graining in the color mix. Vault still has the feel of natural wood, only with less pronounced ridges. Some people love the cathedral grain look, which brings a very natural wood-like feel that's different from the long streaks of Voyage.

Deckorators Vault comes in two different color options with matching fascia and riser boards.

A close-up of the color and texture of a Deckorators Vault deck board in Mesquite

Deckorators Vault Colors:

  • Dusk
  • Mesquite
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Deckorators Traditional Composite Decking

Deckorators also offers a few lines made from traditional composite decking, rather than the new mineral-based material:

Deckorators Vista decking features richly variegated colors designed to match the look of exotic hardwoods. Capped on three sides with a scratch-resistant cap, Deckorators Vista is a great choice if you want a tropical look and feel for your deck.

Deckorators Trailhead decking is a slightly more subtle and cost-effective composite decking option. With subtle color mixes, Deckorators Trailhead delivers natural wood looks. Scalloped board bottoms keep costs low and create lighter-weight deck boards that are easier to transport for installation.

If you're interested in either Vista or Trailhead decking, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 and we'll connect you with the boards you need!

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