CAMO Drive Tool

CAMO Stand-Up Deck Tool

Save yourself from knee and back pain when installing composite decking or grooved deck boards of any material with the CAMO Stand-Up Deck Tool! Designed and engineered with insight from professional contractors, the CAMO Drive Tool is the fastest, easiest, and most versatile decking installation tool available today.

Heavy-duty contractor grade decking installation tool is fast and reliable, compatible with the majority of standard power drills. The CAMO Drive Tool has a one-year warranty and includes necessary driver bits and fastening guides for an all-in-one purchase perfect for your outdoor living space!

CAMO Drive Tool with Guides

This amazing decking installation tool attaches directly to your personal power drill, and then include three different guides to work with CAMO Collated Screws, CAMO EdgeClips, and CAMO EdgeXClips. Install your composite decking or treated wood decking easily no matter how unique your deck design!

The CAMO Drive Deck Tool makes installing composite or grooved decking fast, straightforward and worry-free

CAMO Drive EdgeClips

The CAMO EdgeClip hidden deck fastener saves you time, money, and effort with a convenient method that can cut installation time in half. Simply attach the legs of the CAMO EdgeClip directly around the joists and slide the clip into the groove of the installed starter board. Next, set and slide the second deck board into place; continue this process until all decking is laid out with EdgeClips prepared. In one easy step, move from joist to joist driving down all screws at once for quick installation. These clips create a 3/16 inch spacing between boards.

CAMO EdgeXClips

The CAMO EdgeXClip features a unique design with adjustable wings on either side, allowing you to install any angled decking pattern that your deck layout requires. Simply pinch together the wings of the CAMO EdgeXClip on one side and slide them fully into the board's groove. Angle the deck board in any direction needed over the joist, and continue working along the deck. With all of your deck boards and clips set in place, move from joist to joist fastening down the EdgeXClips, and you're finished!

CAMO Drive Collated Screws

If choosing to install your composite decking via color-matching composite deck screws, choose the CAMO Drive Collated Composite Screws, for standard wood deck boards choose the CAMO Drive Collated Edge Screw or CAMO Drive Collated Wood Deck Screw.

Install your grooved decking boards in any angle you prefer with the CAMO EdgeClip or CAMO EdgeXClip hidden deck clip system

How many CAMO EdgeClips and CAMO EdgeXClips do you need?

Use the CAMO Drive Stand-Up Decking Tool with the CAMO EdgeClips or CAMO EdgeXClips for a concealed hidden deck fastening system. Watch this helpful video below to find out how many deck clips you'll need for your deck space!

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Keep your knees and back from hours of pain by using the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool which attaches directly to your own personal drill.
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CAMO DRIVE™ Face Fastening Collated Composite Deck Screws - Brown - Packaging
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For quick installation and consistent spacing throughout, the CAMO EDGE® Clips offer it all; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
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Fasten your decking quicker than ever with the CAMO EDGEX® Clip; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
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The CAMO EDGE® STARTER Clips line up along with the outside of the joist and install quickly with the included installation screw.
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