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Create a deck to last a lifetime with Composite Decking and the lasting power of CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Composite Face Screws. The strength of face-fastening combined with color-matching elegance gives these screws the ability to build a gorgeous, complete deck that is built to endure even the toughest weather conditions. Featuring a Cap Head style allowing for easier penetration of the outer capstock of the composite boards as well as a reverse thread section which pulls the composite material down along with the screw eliminating the common issue of mushrooming. A double-slash point tip bites solidly into the even most dense of composite materials erasing the need for pre-drilling at all.

Choose from either protech-coated steel or grade 304 stainless steel to match the level of corrosion-resistance needed for the region and climate. Keep your construction time quick and simple by using the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand Up Tool.

CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Composite Face Screws are available in 2-1/2 inch lengths and 1000 collated screws to cover approximately 285 square feet. Choose from ProTech coated steel in the natural wood tones of Tan, Brown, and Gray; or a grade 304 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance in an Unpainted finish.

Looking for a collated face screw for natural wood decking? Discover the possibilities of CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Wood Deck Screws.


DecksDirect # 7189

Camo Training Guide (9.59 MB) 

Screw Length2-1/2 in
Drive TypeT20 star drive
Head TypeTrim
MaterialBrown, Grey, and Tan: ProTech coated
Unpainted: 304 stainless steel
Compatible DeckingGrooved wood, composite, or PVC
1 to 1-1/2 inch thick boards
For use withCAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool
Use face guide
Pack Size1000 collated screws
Coverage Estimate285 sq ft
Package Contents(20) strips
(50) screws per strip
Keep your knees and back from hours of pain by using the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool which attaches directly to your own personal drill.
Starting at: $169.50
Driver Bits for CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool
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FortressAccents™ Surface Mount Recessed LED Light
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The CAMO LEVER® Tool includes a hex wrench and a flat head screw for fast assembly to get the job done quickly!
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Fasten your decking quicker than ever with the CAMO EDGEX® Clip; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
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For quick installation and consistent spacing throughout, the CAMO EDGE® Clips offer it all; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
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Get your project finished quickly and efficiently with CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Edge Deck Screws.
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Channel for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Installed - Finished System
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