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Create a deck to last a lifetime with Composite Decking and the lasting power of CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Composite Face Screws. The strength of face-fastening combined with color-matching elegance gives these screws the ability to build a gorgeous, complete deck that is built to endure even the toughest weather conditions. Featuring a Cap Head style allowing for easier penetration of the outer capstock of the composite boards as well as a reverse thread section which pulls the composite material down along with the screw eliminating the common issue of mushrooming. A double-slash point tip bites solidly into the even most dense of composite materials erasing the need for pre-drilling at all.

Choose from either protech-coated steel or grade 304 stainless steel to match the level of corrosion-resistance needed for the region and climate. Keep your construction time quick and simple by using the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand Up Tool.

CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Composite Face Screws are available in 2-1/2 inch lengths and 1000 collated screws to cover approximately 285 square feet. Choose from ProTech coated steel in the natural wood tones of Tan, Brown, and Gray; or a grade 304 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance in an Unpainted finish.

Looking for a collated face screw for natural wood decking? Discover the possibilities of CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Wood Deck Screws.

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Camo Training Guide (9.59 MB) 

Color Clear
Screw Length2-1/2 in
Drive TypeT20 star drive
Head TypeTrim
MaterialBrown, Grey, and Tan: ProTech coated
Unpainted: 304 stainless steel
Compatible DeckingGrooved wood, composite, or PVC
1 to 1-1/2 inch thick boards
For use withCAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool
Use face guide
Pack Size1000 collated screws
Coverage Estimate285 sq ft
Package Contents(20) strips
(50) screws per strip
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