5 Reasons To Love DecksDirect Revival Railing

Revive Your Deck With The Low-Maintenance Style of Revival Rail

Do you have a worn-out wood deck railing? Are you finding that with every passing year, you're spending more and more of your time staining, painting, or repairing your railing and less time enjoying your deck? Are you looking for a high-quality deck railing you can set and forget, without breaking the bank?

If so, you're not alone. It can feel like deck railing needs to be low-maintenance or affordable - but it's not an either/or proposition. In fact, we launched our own brand of railing, Revival Rail, specifically to bust that either/or dynamic.

A beautiful, modern outdoor space highlighted by Revival Railing

Revival Railing is high-quality, low-maintenance, and best of all, low-cost. Let's count down our top five reasons why Revival Railing from DecksDirect is the best value deck railing on the market:

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5 Reasons to Love Revival Railing

#5: Revival Railing Is Incredibly Low-Maintenance

Revival Railing is an easy-to-maintain option near pools or water

The ideal deck railing is one you can install and then nearly forget about. Wood railing doesn't let you forget - the fading colors, prickly splinters, rotting wood, and annual paintings or stainings do a great job of keeping your attention. So much so that you sometimes feel you don't have any time left to enjoy your space!

Not so with Revival Rail. Its powder-coated aluminum surface is the absolute best in low maintenance. It looks great all the time, without ever requiring painting or staining, and without fading in the sun.

You don't need to sand down metal like you do with splintering wood. The only real maintenance to speak of is a gentle cleaning about twice a year.

Just wipe down the railing with soapy water and a gentle cloth or sponge. Any neutral pH detergent will work - that includes mild dish soaps like Dawn, Palmolive, or Ajax mixed with warm water.

#4: Revival Railing will last for years even in harsh climates

A short stair railing section of Revival Rail from DecksDirect

Hand-in-hand with the low maintenance comes rock-solid durability. Wood degrades even if you take excellent care of it. Metal, meanwhile, requires less upkeep and still lasts far longer.

Revival Rail's metal components won't splinter or rot, and they're unaffected by pests like termites.

Plus, metal railing is stable in all temperatures. Wood expands and contracts significantly in warm or cold weather, and all that movement slowly works screws loose, often requiring repairs. Metal is dimensionally stable, meaning it hardly expands or contracts at all in changing weather - that keeps all your connections totally secure for years to come!

Revival Railing creates a beautiful deck you won't have to revive again for decades - and that's something to celebrate!

#3: Revival Railing is ultra-easy to install

A diagram showing the parts of Revival Railing and how easy it is to plan and install

The Revival system is incredibly simple and straightforward. That makes it easy to buy and install, even if you have no experience installing deck railings.

As you can see above, the system is made up of three easy kits that will cover every part of a standard deck railing. Post kits include a post skirt and post cap. Rail kits bundle your top rail, bottom rail, and balusters, plus brackets to attach the posts to the railing panel. Add in specialized angled rail kits for your stair sections, and you've got a complete railing in three easy steps.

#2: Revival Rail's stylish modern look classes up any space

A stretch of Revival Rail deck railing by a luxurious pool

Metal railing brings a strong, modern vibe that instantly transforms the look and feel of your deck without ripping out a single deck board.

If you've spent time and money updating your home to look chic and modern, a tired old wood deck railing will stick out like a sore thumb. Revival Railing will instantly bathe your space in modern charm, from the sleek powder-coated finish to the clean lines of the top rail and slim balusters.

Meanwhile, if your home is more traditional, Revival Railing will add a timeless touch without clashing with your classic styling. That's because Revival's top rail is slightly rounded off in a more traditional style - that makes the entire railing system far more versatile.

#1: Revival Railing delivers all the benefits of metal railing at an affordable price point

A modern porch with Revival Railing

The best reason to choose Revival Railing for your deck project?

You get all those benefits at an amazingly affordable price point.

We launched Revival Railing so everyone could experience the low-maintenance, long-lasting brilliance of metal railing - without paying a top-of-the-market price. The no-frills system is simple and straightforward, with a clean, minimalist look that won't break your budget.

If you're interested in redoing your deck railing, check out Revival Railing today. You can easily shop online and plan the system yourself, but if you want some expert help, we staff a team of experienced deck project planners that you can reach by phone (at 1-888-824-5316) to help personalize your project.

Shop Revival Railing today and bring new life back to your deck!

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