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Protect your cable, fittings, and posts from electrolysis by installing DesignRail® Isolation Bushings in your DesignRail® Aluminum Post Kit openings to eliminate direct contact of dissimilar metals. Electrolysis occurs when two unlike metals connect, especially in coastal regions with strong salt air, or other areas with similar harsh elements. These Isolation Bushings essentially create a buffer between these two metals to eliminate any interaction between the two materials.

These Isolation Bushings are highly resistant to both abrasion and UV degradation while still having an operating temperature range of -40°F to +266°F. Isolation Bushings are packaged to perfectly accompany DesignRail® posts. Choose from bushing packages for a Level Quick-Connect® Post, Level Corner or Intermediate Stair Post, Level Threaded Terminal Post, Level Intermediate Baluster, Stair Quick-Connect® Post, Stair Threaded Terminal Post, or Stair Intermediate Baluster.

Don't forget to order a Release Tool
Your installation could be delayed if you are unable to disconnect a cable from a Quick-Connect® fitting! We strongly recommend adding a Release Tool to every Feeney CableRail order!


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DesignRail® Rail Kit Instructions  (1.3 MB) 

Powder Coated Aluminum Care & Maintenance (97.9 KB) 

Feeney Catalog (20.8 MB) 

DesignRail® Warranty (53.3 KB) 

Bushing TypesLevel Quick-Connect® Post, Stair Quick-Connect® Post, Level Corner or Intermediate Stair Post, Level Threaded Terminal Post, Stair Threaded Terminal Post, Level Intermediate Post, Level Intermediate Baluster, and Stair Intermediate Baluster
Material TypeEngineered Polymer
Pack Size18 pack or 22 pack (depending on busing type)
Package ContentsLevel Quick-Connect® Post: (22) bushings
Level Corner or Intermediate Stair Post: (22) bushings
Level Threaded Terminal Post: (22) bushings
Level Intermediate Post:(22) bushings
Level Intermediate Baluster: (22) bushings
Stair Quick-Connect® Post: (18) bushings
Stair Threaded Terminal Post: (18) bushings
Stair Intermediate Baluster: (18) bushings
WarrantyView DesignRail® Warranty Information
CableRail Kit by Feeney - Uninstalled - 4-1/4 in Terminal
Starting at: $36.77
DesignRail® Aluminum Quick-Connect® End Post Kit by Feeney - Black - Level and Stair Post Kits - 36 in
Starting at: $196.99
DesignRail® Aluminum Intermediate Post Kit by Feeney - Black - 36 in - Front and Back
Starting at: $196.99
DesignRail® Aluminum Newel Post Kit by Feeney - Black - Right Side Newel Quick-Connect Post Kit - 36 in
Starting at: $250.99
1/8 Inch CableRail MultiTool by Feeney
Starting at: $39.56
Skyline Cable Pre-Drilled Post Kit - Posts
Starting at: $164.99
CableRail Colored End Caps by Feeney - Black
Starting at: $6.98
CableRail Stainless Steel End Cap by Feeney
Starting at: $6.53
Simply enter your stainless steel cable into the CableRail Lacing Needle to smoothly insert your cable into your posts' openings.
Starting at: $13.01
Choose from the 9/16 in, 3/8 in, or 9/32 in beveled washer sizes to complete your 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch thick Feeney CableRail setup.
Starting at: $7.38

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