Skyline™ Cable Railing

Same Great Value, Sleek New Look

  • DecksDirect Exclusive Railing Line
  • DIY-Friendly Cable Railing
  • Maximizes Your Deck View
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The Level Rail Kit includes the top rail, mounting brackets, and hardware to attach your brackets and rail to each post
from $55.99
The Stair Rail Kit includes a top rail, stair mounting brackets, and all the fasteners you need to attach your brackets and rail between two posts
from $76.99
The custom corner kit can be adjusted to fit corners that aren't a standard 90 degrees
from $44.99
Skyline Corner Kits include a short section of top rail and inserts to fit your corner
from $44.99
Skyline Cable Railing Infill
from $79.99
A Skyline Surface Mount Line Post, shown in black
from $114.99
A Skyline Fascia Mount End Post
from $114.99
The Skyline Fascia Mount Line Bracket
from $44.99
Skyline Post Skirts come in three colors, perfectly matching Skyline posts
from $29.99
Fitting kits include all the hardware you need to attach your cable (sold separately) to posts at both ends
The stainless steel Skyline Beveled Washer for Stair Railing
A standard top rail bracket for Skyline Cable Railing
from $5.99
Isolation Bushings for Skyline Cable Railing - End
from $0.39
The Screw Cover parts fully assembled
from $9.99
New Product
The Swaging Tool easily swages (or crimps) your cable fittings onto the ends of cable runs
The mounting bracket comes with screws to install the bracket on top of your Skyline posts in place of a standard post cap
from $43.99
Skyline Touch-Up Paint is available in all three Skyline colors
from $9.99
Skyline Post Caps give your railing a clean, polished finish
from $12.72
Drill the perfect pilot hole to install your Skyline Cable Railing post caps