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Don't overlook the wiring when designing your outdoor lighting layout! DecksDirect carries a variety of high quality wire to be used with low voltage deck lights. All low-voltage wire is constructed of two strands of uncoated annealed copper conductors, laid parallel and insulated with polyvinyl chloride.

Please note that lower-gauge wire is thicker than higher-gauge wire, and using wire that is too thin for your project will affect performance. In general, 12-2 gauge is recommended for incandescent (AC) lighting, and 18-2 is recommended for LED (DC) fixtures.

To make connections with the wire leads included with most light fixtures, simply cut and the wire to length and then strip the ends. Weatherproof wire nuts are recommended to secure the ends of the main wire run with the leads coming from the light fixtures. Remember to allow slack in the wire running between lights, so that freeze/thaw cycles don't cause over-tightening and loosen your connections. Wire can be buried 3 underground for long-distance runs, or use cable ties to keep the wire off the ground around the deck.


DecksDirect # 5732
Color Black
Pack SizeEach (1 roll)
Gauge12-2 (for incandescent lighting)
18-2 (for LED lighting)
Roll Length100 ft, 250 ft, 500 ft
Ergonomic Wire Stripper / Cutter
Starting at: $29.99
Cable Ties with Screw Mount
Starting at: $8.99
Weather Proof Wire Nuts - 18/2 Gauge
Starting at: $6.99
Wire Concealing Wood Trim by Acorn Deck Products--Cedar
Starting at: $11.99
30 Watt LED DC Transformer Kit By DecksDirect-30 watt
Starting at: $41.99 $59.99

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