Making a Deck Lighting Plan


How to Make a Deck Lighting Plan

Plug & Play vs Standard Wiring

For decades outdoor deck lighting has been a very hands-on and intensive chore, one that occasionally called for an electrician. With low voltage lighting and solar lighting options, learning how to install deck lighting in your outdoor space has never been simpler. Today, there are two main methods for wiring light fixtures:

  •   Hard-wiring all lighting fixtures onto a main line of wire.
  •   Using a Plug and Play wiring system.

Which method you have to employ on your deck will largely depend upon the lights and manufacturers you have chosen. All AC light fixtures will require hard-wiring, while DC light fixtures are available for both hard-wiring and Plug and Play wiring setups depending on the manufacturer.

Hard-wiring lights requires running a main supply cable of low-voltage wire around the perimeter of your deck to which you will be connecting each light and continuing on your run. To connect each light to the main line you will be needing 2 silicone-filled wire nuts or clip-on connectors per fixture. Though it does require more effort during the install, hard-wiring your lights can keep costs down by eliminating the cost of system-specific extension cables and splitters.

Plug and Play wiring is one of the most innovative lighting solutions in the last several years. Manufacturers such as Dekor and LMT Mercer have created wiring systems that are as simple as plugging your cell phone in to charge. No extra cable or wire nuts needed, as this user-friendly setup allows you to connect cables directly into hubs and splitters.

Deck Lighting Wiring Layout

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