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Key Features

  • Makes it faster and easier to install deck boards while sinking every screw perfectly - every time
  • Creates zero gapping between boards - perfect for fresh green lumber
  • Works with any standard drill
  • Creates a clean, fastener-free deck surface by driving screws diagonally through the side of each deck board
  • Compatible with deck boards of any width
  • Works with deck boards of any material, from exotic hardwoods to composite to PVC to pressure-treated wood

Building with fresh green lumber that will dry and contract in a few months? Want to ensure that nothing gets lost between the boards over time? Use the inventive CAMO Marksman Edge Tool to create a sleek, fastener-free deck surface with zero gaps or spacing between your deck boards. Specially designed to be used with Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners, the CAMO Marksman Edge tool is perfect for installing any decking material from new pressure-treated wood to the composite and PVC decking of your choice. Versatile enough to work with any standard drill, the CAMO Marksman Edge Tool will securely drive your Camo Deck Screws diagonally through the Deck Board and deep into the joist below for a solid hold with no visible hardware.

Which CAMO Tool Do I Need For My Deck Board Installation?

Choosing the right CAMO fastening tool depends on the width of your deck boards and the spacing you want between boards. Here's a chart comparing CAMO tools and what size deck boards each is compatible with:

Tool Compatible Deck Board Widths & Materials Spacing Created Between Boards Additional Features
CAMO Marksman Pro-NB Tool 3-1/4 in to 5 in
Any material
3/16 in Adjustable for use with board widths of 3-1/4 in to 5 in
CAMO Marksman Pro Tool 5-1/4 in to 5-3/4 in
Any material
3/16 in Heavy-duty and allows for installation of fasteners on both sides of the tool
CAMO Marksman Pro-X1 Tool 5-1/4 in to 5-3/4 in
Any material
1/16 in The only Camo tool that provides the thin 1/16 in spacing between deck boards
CAMO Marksman Edge Unit Any size
Any material
No space Can be used with any kind of drill
CAMO Drive Stand-Up Tool Any size
Any material
No space Stand up tool. Can be used with any kind of drill. Comes with screw guides that allow for face fastening, edge fastening, or hidden clip fastening.
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Camo Warranty

Type AvailableEdge
Pack SizeEach
(width x depth x height)
1-3/4 in x 2-1/2 in x 9-3/4 in
Included AccessoriesOne standard drill bit
Spacing CreatedNo space
CompatibilityAny size boards will warranty all Camo tools purchased from us for a period of 60 days after purchase (restrictions may apply)
OtherDesigned for use with CAMO Hidden Fasteners
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