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The straightforward tool with huge benefits for both DIY deck builders and professional contractors alike, the Universal BoWrench Tool makes one-person deck board installation a snap. Perfect for straightening warped or bowing deck boards, the Universal BoWrench tool sets to hold the plank tight to the deck joist, freeing up both hands for attachment. Just slip the BoWrench deck board tool over the joist and slide the handle until it locks in place. The Universal BoWrench install tool holds the board on its own for an easy one-person job.

Compared to the standard BoWrench Deck Tool, the Universal BoWrench Decking Tool features the new Adjustable Gripper and Combi Cam accessories. The adjustable gripper allows the Universal BoWrench install tool to accommodate deck joists up to 6 inches wide while the two-sided Combi Cam piece accommodates for 1x and 2x tongue-and-groove boards. Whether it's your first deck board install or your hundredth, the Universal BoWrench Decking Tool gets the project done fast with half the work.

Universal BoWrench Decking Tools are crafted in the USA from solid coated steel and are sold individually.


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BoWrench Deck Tool Instructions (1.39 MB) 

Pack SizeEach
Material Type Heavy coated steel
Color Orange
Package Contents (1) Universal BoWrench Tool
Warranty Cepco 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy Sorry, these tools cannot be returned.
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