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Protect your wooden posts with the RailEasy™ Cable Sleeve by Atlantis Rail Systems. The Cable Sleeve is inserted into your wooden, vinyl or composite post to create a barrier between the post and cable, reducing friction and damage caused by cable chafing.

A perfect piece to accomodate your cable railing design, the RailEasy™ Cable Sleeve can accommodate railing angles up to 90 degrees, as well as stairways stemming from a straight run. The Cable Sleeve also aides in tensioning angled cables while preventing wood from gouging. If you are using the Cable Sleeve to aid with tensioning, be sure to have the RailEasy™ Cable Tensioner within 25 linear feet on either side of your angled cable. The cable sleeves may be used at a staircase transition to a landing, but it is recommended that you place full tensioners directly after the bend. If using on a corner, corners must be double posted.

The RailEasy™ Cable Sleeve is installed by drilling a 1/4 inch hole into your post, then tapping the sleeve into place using a rubber mallet. This creates a snug fit to lace cable through. The 316L stainless steel material of the cable sleeve is resistant to corrosion and will allow your cable to slide through your post smoothly.

The RailEasy™ Cable Sleeve is available in the flush or beveled designs:

Flush Cable Sleeve:

  • Visible flat base, accenting the fittings
  • Accommodates angles up to 90 degrees with double posts

  • Beveled Cable Sleeve:

  • Hidden, recessed base with minimal attention drawn to sleeve
  • Accommodates angles up to 90 degrees with double posts
  • Not recommended for vinyl or composite installation for posts larger than 4 inch x 4 inch
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    Atlantis Cable Rail

    Cable Sleeve Installation Instructions (1.04 MB) 

    Atlantis Cable Railing Installation Instructions (1.04 MB) 

    Color Clear
    Pack Size10 pack
    Material Type316L Stainless Steel
    (length x width x height)
    1-1/2 in x 0.19 in x 1/4 in
    Included AccessoriesNone
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