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Achieve your sleek top railing with the help of the RailEasy™ Nautilus Sidemount Bracket by Atlantis Rail Systems. Crafted to hold the RailEasy™ Nautilus Top Rail Tube, the Sidemount brackets can be installed for level or stair applications using the straight or adjustable bracket options. To install the railing tube, simply place the tube inside of the mount. The ends of the tube can be trimmed on-site to match your railing spans.

The straight Sidemount bracket is used for level applications. The 3-1/2 inch width of the bracket will match the width of nominal 4 inch x 4 inch posts.

The adjustable Sidemount bracket allows you to create railing angles up to 45 degrees in four different directions. While holding the tube railing, the adjustable bracket keeps perpendicular directions immovable.

Available in packs of 2, the RailEasy™ Nautilus Sidemount Bracket is made from grade 316L stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Each pack includes set screws to lock tubing and prevent turning.


DecksDirect # 53126
Atlantis Cable Rail

Atlantis Cable Railing Installation Instructions (1.04 MB) 

Rail Options Level or Stair
Pack Size 2 pack
(length x width x height)
1.23 in x 3-1/2 in x 2.02 in
Material Type316L Stainless Steel
Package Contents(3) #10 x 1-1/2 in screws and (2) Sidemount Brackets
Warranty View Atlantis Rail Systems Warranty Information
The RailEasy™ Nautilus Top Rail Tube offers a modern look for your outdoor space.
Starting at: $72.79 $90.99
Made for level or stair railing where the distance between the posts is over 4 feet, the Cable Stabilizer Kit is pre-drilled for 3 inch spacing between cables.
Starting at: $99.99
Crafted from aluminum, the RailEasy™ Drilling Template orientation will have the single screw hole facing up.
Starting at: $20.99
The RailEasy™ Tensioner by Atlantis Rail Systems - Installed
Starting at: $51.99
The RailEasy™ Swivel End-Flat by Atlantis Rail Systems allows cable railing to achieve angles up to 45 degrees.
Starting at: $38.99
AFCO Pro 22.5° Angle Rail Brackets
Starting at: $68.39 $75.99
FE26 Steel Collar Brackets for Pure View Glass Rail by Fortress - Gloss Black
Starting at: $56.94 $66.99
FE26 Steel Universal Rail Bracket for Vertical Cable Railing Panel by Fortress with Vertical cable
Starting at: $50.99 $59.99
FE26 Universal Rail Bracket for Horizontal Cable Railing by Fortress - installed
Starting at: $50.99 $59.99
AL13 Aluminum Universal Rail Bracket for Pure View Full Glass Panel by Fortress - Gloss White
Starting at: $60.44 $92.99

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