How to Replace Old Deck Railing & Keep Your Posts

Update Your Deck Without Major Construction by Replacing Railing

With the snow melting and springtime on its way, homeowners take time to inspect their deck and dream up ways to improve and renovate their space. Deck railing restorations are a brilliant way to keep your deck safe and looking great without a total reconstruction. A helpful thing to remember when replacing older deck railings is that often you can keep your existing deck posts right in place and simply remove the railing infill. As your posts remain in place, the strength and integrity of your outdoor space is complete and the level of work that goes into installing a new deck railing is cut in half.

Start by taking a walk around your deck perimeter and inspecting your existing deck posts. Look closely for any splintering, cracking, or water-damage throughout your deck posts as that will mean they are structurally compromised. Grab the top of the post and lightly shake the post, if it remains firmly in place, then that post is sturdy, solid and can be kept in place.

Remove the mounted the railing infill in whatever way is easiest in your application without causing damage to the posts. Generally, homeowners will use a drill to back out and remove the screws in the mounting brackets or those that toe-nailed the rail and post together.

With the railing section removed and discarded, you can now install the upgraded railing of your choice between the posts! Choose from pre-welded metal panel railings such as Fortress FE26 or AL13 Home for minimal installation effort, create a one-of-a-kind look for your deck with customizable Composite railing, or highlight your view with the transparent look of Glass Panel railing between your posts. Use your tape measure to find the distance between the posts, follow your railing’s installation instructions, and trim the section to fit.

A very popular choice is to dress up those old existing wood deck posts with an attractive and low-maintenance post sleeve. From durable composite post covers to traditional vinyl post wraps and majestic faux stone column covers, this one-piece fix does a wonderful job of covering any nicks or fading while protecting the posts in the long-term. Simply slide the post cover over the post once the railing is removed, and that is it. Top the post sleeve with a coordinating post cap and post skirt for a polished and protected look.

Beautiful composite post covers like this Trex Transcend post sleeve is the perfect method to dress up and protect your wood 4x4 deck posts

Add a dash of illumination to your outdoor space and breathe new nighttime life for your family and guests with convenient solar post cap lights and solar deck lighting

Give your new deck remodel an illuminating final touch with the addition of solar deck lighting to your beautiful space. With no installation required and no electricity needed, solar post cap lights and solar rail lights deliver a nighttime glow that provides safety and security while making your area a bit more magical.

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