Angled Deck Board Patterns

Two contractors are standing in the backyard looking at some newly built deck framing. Making big gestures with their hands while their eyes grow wide and they maneuver the composite deck plank, they seem to agree on the perfect look to make this new deck shine. Behind them, the homeowner had walked out with some fresh lemonade for the warm afternoon. The builders say, "Come on join us! We have a great plan for your deck."

The homeowner shouts back,"I didn't want to interrupt your board meeting!"

Add a touch of creativity to your family’s outdoor space without going over the top by installing your decking at a 45-degree angle. A perfect choice for any decking material from pressure-treated lumber, hardwoods, and cedar to composite and PVC deck boards; the angled gives your new build or deck remodel a whole new depth. Learn how to lay and install your brand new deck boards along an angle and perfect your backyard oasis today.

How to Install Decking on a 45 Degree Angle:

To start, you'll want to ensure that the deck frame is square and the joists are spaced properly to support the deck planks angled above them. Generally, builders will attach joists at 16 inches on-center, however, it's recommended to space your joists closer at 12 inches apart on-center when attaching your decking at an angle. Deck renovations on existing backyard spaces can simply have blocking added between the joists as needed.

Run your tape measure diagonally across your deck from corner to corner, find and note the length. For increased accuracy, feel free to set a chalk line along this span. This angle is the direction the installed deck boards will run and this measurement is the maximum board span you'll be installing. Center your longest deck board along that 45-degree angle as you will work from the center plank outwards. Starting the longest board in the center will reduce the number of butt joints necessary in your project.

Using the deck fastener of your choice, attach the first deck board to the deck joists at each intersection. With the first board attached, continue attaching boards in one direction away from the center until reaching one end of the deck. Then, repeat the process out from the other side of the initial board until reaching the opposite end of your deck.

Let the boards extend out over the rim joists of the deck, then cut the edges of the planks flush to the joists with a circular saw when all boards are attached. This will both save time in your overall installation process as well as produce cleaner edges. Complete your deck with a coordinating fascia board mounted along the outer perimeter for a polished final look.

Learn how to lay your Trex composite deck boards on an angle and create unique deck board designs and patterns Highlight your beautiful Fiberon composite decking with one-of-a-kind deck board patterns and a unique style all your own Highlight your beautiful Fiberon composite decking with one-of-a-kind deck board patterns and a unique style all your own

Recommended Products:

CAMO Drive EdgeXClips are a brilliant choice for installing any grooved decking lumber at an angle. The CAMO EdgeXClip features a unique design with adjustable wings on either side, allowing you to install any angled decking pattern that your deck layout requires. Simply pinch together the wings on one side and slide them fully into the board's groove.

WiseGuides Deck Board Spacers by DeckWise allow you to create a consistent deck board gapping throughout your entire deck area easily. Simply set the spacer in place against an installed board, slide the next plank in place, and continue.

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