How to Install VERSAWRAP Column Wraps

Transforming your outdoor space into a welcoming sight for family, friends, and guests couldn't be any easier thanks to the innovative line of VERSATEX VERSAWRAP column wraps. Both beautiful and convenient, post and column wraps are easy to install and eliminate the need for noisy or messy construction.

Learn how to install VERSAWRAP PVC column wraps to protect the structural strength of your home's wood deck posts and columns while leveling up the curb appeal.

How to Install PVC Column Wraps

VERSAWRAP post covers are one complete piece of Cellular PVC cut down to 5 thousandths of an inch at the interlocking joints for quick installation and absolute protection for your deck posts and columns.

How to Install VERSAWRAP PVC Column Wraps

Installing a PVC post or column wrap can enhance the overall appearance of your home's outdoor living space in a few hours

1. Check and Shim Post as Needed

Ensure the structural post is strong, straight, and true. If there is too much space between the post and the wrap, install thin shims or strips of blocking to the structural column roughly 4 inches down from the top center and approximately 4 inches up from the bottom. This will ensure that the wrap fits tightly around the structural column or post.

Shim all four sides evenly to maintain an equal spacing around the deck support post. Be sure the outside dimensions of the shims are no wider than the inside dimension of the VERSAWRAP column wrap.

2. Apply PVC Glue or Adhesive

Apply an adhesive, such as the VERSAWRAP Adhesive that offers enough cure time so it can be applied in the four joints and wrapped around the structural column/post before curing. PVC glues with solvent work well, provided you apply them quickly.

Apply PVC adhesive by squirting it into the four joints using a plastic squeeze bottle with a thin, tapered nozzle applicator or a tube of Weld-On 705. PVC adhesives such as Weld-On 705, Christy’s Red Hot or TrimWelder White Hot are a few recommended solvent based PVC adhesives. Do not use thick 2-component adhesives. They will fracture the miter corners. PVC glue softens the joint of the VERSAWRAP reducing cracking of the cellular PVC at the outside corners of the wrap. Remember to apply the adhesive to only one surface of the miter lock joints.

NOTE: Four VERSAWRAPS can be glued using one 5 ounce tube of Weld-On 705 regardless of column length.

3. Hold the Wrap While Glue Cures

Once the glue is placed in the VERSAWRAP joints, immediately place it around the structural column or post, pushing the miter lock joint together. Using hand pressure, make sure the locking tongue is properly inserted into the locking groove before completely closing the joint. Close the VERSAWRAP joint with a piece of tape or scrap PVC trim and a rubber mallet.

4. Attach Cover Wrap to Post

Secure the VERSAWRAP column wrap to the structural column using stainless steel nails or screws that penetrate through the shim strips into the structural post.

5. Remove the Tape

Remove the tape from the joint of the column wrap three to four hours after installation. To remove the tape, be sure the entire width of tape has been lifted across the top before pulling it down the column. If you try to pull the tape down by starting at only one corner, the tape will split into thin slivers. When the tape is started evenly across its entire width and slowly pulled down the column wrap, it will pull off in one piece.

Most PVC adhesives set in minutes, not hours, allowing you to remove the tape soon after the column has been installed. NOTE: Leaving the tape on the column wrap and exposed to the UV rays of the sun for more than 24 hours will make it difficult to remove and may leave adhesive residue on the column wrap.

Find out how to install VERSAWRAP PVC Column Wrap around your deck or entryway's wooden support posts

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