How Do I Clean Glass Deck Railing?

Glass railing systems are quickly becoming one of the most popular deck railing materials all across the United States. Installed along second-story decks, swimming pool railings, and so many other locations where the vistas are the most important. Sleek and modern, and allow for unobstructed views especially on high rise apartments and rooftop decks, where sweeping scenes are part of the appeal.

Glass deck railing lines are also incredibly safe and strong. Whether installing a glass panel deck railing system or a glass baluster railing line, you're guaranteed to get a child and pet-friendly railing as there are no pieces to climb over.

Generally, glass panel railings require virtually no maintenance or upkeep after installation. A basic cleaning once or twice a year is all it takes to keep your backyard views intact and centerstage. Here are some very easy DIY cleaning tips to clean and maintain outdoor glass railings and help your outdoor space shine.

Learn new easy tips on how to clean and maintain your outdoor glass railings whether on your deck or rooftop

How to Clean Your Glass Deck Railing

Mix two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, such as Dawn® or Joy®, in a quart of warm water. Use a clean rag or sponge and this solution to gently scrub the exterior glass railing. For those who need to clean glass railing on upper-level decks or rooftop decks, use a squeegee attached to a pole extension for tough to reach spots.

White vinegar can also be a great, eco-friendly alternative to dish soap. Create a solution of 50% vinegar to 50% water in a clean bucket, this is an especially good cleaning choice for dirty, grimy exterior glass railing. We also recommend using vinegar to soak areas of your outside glass that have dirt or caked-on debris, like spilled liquids or bird droppings, with straight white vinegar to loosen them. Do not scrub away these areas, as dried debris could scratch the glass if rubbed.

Consider adding lemon juice to your glass cleaning solutions. While glass railings can easily be washed with just water and a few drops of liquid detergent, a dash of lemon juice can also help. The acidity in lemon juice will assist in removing tough, baked-on stains while also leaving a clean, pleasant smell on your sparkling glass panels.

Rinse off your glass panels or balusters thoroughly with a hose or buckets of warm water. If the water in your area is hard water, consider using distilled water as it lacks the minerals that could scratch or streak your deck view.

Use a lint-free cloth or towel to remove any streaks. Newspaper is another very common and convenient material to dry your glass railing line! Be sure to avoid any color-based comic or advertising sections.

Easy DIY ways to keep your glass deck railing system clean and open for views

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