Control Your LED Deck Lights Switch-Free

With the Infrared power of the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor

Create an enchanting outdoor ambiance and control your lights the way you want with the completely programmable Dekor EZ Motion Sensing Controller and the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor. The EZ Motion Controller receiver unit works directly with the patented Dekor® Plug and Play connectors to create an easy-to-install and hassle-free system that you can set as you like.

Simply connect your lights to the EZ Motion Sensors and mount them in the locations you wish to illuminate such as staircases, hallways, entrances, steps, and much more. You can position these sensors to anywhere you want to have the lights power on based on movement or the amount of light received. Set the brightness, duration of time, and sensitivity to motion you desire for your lights, and the Dekor Motion Sensing Controller will retain all of your programming to meet your demands.

All of this housed within a 1/2 inch by 1-3/4 inch round, powder-coated aluminum case. Completely waterproof, this cast aluminum piece is offered in the nearly invisible finish of Antique Metal Black. Perfect for coordinating with other Dekor Lighting fixtures or essentially fading from view once installed.

Set the mood you want for your home with the gorgeous look of LED Deck Lighting and the Dekor EZ Motion Sensing Controller and EZ Motion Sensor. Install as few or as many sensors as you'd like to gain complete control of your outdoor space.

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