Control Deck Lighting From The Phone In Your Hands with LMT Mercer or Dekor Lighting.

turn deck lighting on and off as you like without leaving your seat

After a full day of family entertaining, grilling and more. you're tucked up in your bed, drifting off soundly off to sleep. All of a sudden, you remember! Nobody turned off the deck lights after cleaning up the plates and glasses! You stay in your bed for a few more minutes, dreading having to get up. Finally you shrug off your warm, inviting blanket and start trudging your way to your deck, porch or patio, all to flip a switch and turn right around. There's got to be an easier way.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer and the EZ WiFi Dimmer by Dekor give you complete control over your outdoor lighting setup all from the phone in your hand. Timing, brightness, power and more all from your device.

The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer allows you to turn your deck lighting on and off straight from your cell phone

From low-voltage LED Post Cap lights and illuminating LED Rail Lighting, to Recessed Stair Lighting and bright Landscape Lighting; turn the on to greet family and friends, or switch them off when everyone settles in for the night. All from the comfort of your room and the mobile device in your hand.

The 50 Watt LED DC Transformer by LMT Mercer features a built-in photocell to automatically power your lights on at dusk and off at dawn, a remote control for adjustments from up to 15 yards away, as well as an app that allows you to control the lighting from anywhere in your home. Both Apple Iphone and Google Android compatible, the 50 Watt LED DC Transformer can help you create, design and control the outdoor lighting look you've always wanted.

We can do almost anything on our phones these days. From ordering dinner to video-chatting with friends, our cell phones allow us to connect with whatever we want instantaneously. Now, thanks to Dekor Lighting, we can even control the brightness and timing of exterior LED lighting all with a tap of your finger. The EZ WiFi Dimmer should be installed within 100 feet of your home's wifi router, then you can finetune your lights as you wish from your Apple Iphone or Ipad as well as your Google Android or tablet.

The EZ Wifi Dimmer by Dekor works with both Apple and Google products to help you control your deck lighting from anywhere in your home

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