How to Clean Deck Furniture Cushions

Outdoor cushions and deck furniture patio pillows can help soften your entire backyard area creating an open and inviting space that helps your family, friends, and guests get comfortable together outstide.

Freshen up your outdoor seating area before the summer season slips away and help transform your porch, pergola, or patio become the number one hot spot in the neighborhood! Cleaning patio pillows and deck furniture cushions can even breathe new life into your DIY deck build and take years off the age and feel of your outdoor living space.

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

A brilliant way to accentuate your deck with details, bright and colorful pillows and cushions for patio furniture can liven up areas of your deck space. Highlight outdoor seating with comfortable benches along your deck railing or cozy chairs underneath your backyard pergola for a fun way to bring the indoors outside!

Don't wait to keep your outdoor pillows and cushions nice and clean, wash them often to help keep your outdoor space clean and comfortable

1. Remove Cushions from Pillow Cases

Lots of outdoor seating cushions and patio pillows are stored in washing machine friendly cases. You can simply remove the cushions and pop the exterior pillowcases wich in the washing machine for a quick burst of freshness for your outdoor seating area.

2. Vacuum Dirt and Debris From the Patio Cushions

Then, turn your attention to the cushions. Remove any loose dirt and dust from them using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. If your cushions are tufted, be sure to run the attachment carefully over the crevices, seams, and any buttons.

3. Mix an Outdoor Cushion Cleaning Solution

There are several cleaning solutions available in stores to give your deck furniture cushions and patio area pillows a good cleaning without stripping them of the vibrant shades. There are also great options that are more natural and convenient right in your own home!

Mix 1 tablespoon of standard dishwashing liquid such as Dawn® or Joy® with 2 gallons of warm tap water, and then add 1/2 cup of standard Borax powdered detergent! Stir these ingredients together and let sit for 2 minutes to incorporate fully.

The grease-cutting power of the liquid dishwashing soap will cut into stains and marks to lighten them from the pillow's surface. Combine that with the gentle abrasive qualities of Borax powder will keep the furniture cushion soft to the touch by removing any stuck-on pollen or dirt for a smooth texture.

4. Scrub and Soak the Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Use a hard-bristled brush to scrub the patio pillows, be sure to focus on tough stained-on areas as well as the edges of the pillows. Another spot to keep in mind while cleaning deck furniture cushions are any indentations or folded-over hem sections as they will collect everyday dirt easily.

Once thoroughly scrubbed, dip the cushion into the cleaning solution, and let it sit in the sun for around 5-10 minutes. Continue scrubbing if after 10 minutes stains or stubborn spots are still visible.

Lastly, use your garden hose to completely rinse the patio cushions clean. Don't use a pressure washer as the strenght of a washer may damage or rip the fabric of your furniture cushions and may lead to replacement.

5. Dry and Protect Patio Cushions

Use clean towels to pat and dry the cushions as best you can. Wringing out water is also a great method to remove mositure from the inside of the piece. After wrapping the cushions with towels and squeezing to remove remaining water, set the cushions on end up against a clean wall area to air-dry.

Be sure to let the cushions air-dry completely! Leaving any remaining moisture within the pillows can lead to mildew growth and a growingly unpleasant smell. Leave the cushions to sit in direct sunshine for 2-3 hours, checking up on them sporadically. If still damp, toss the clean patio furniture cushions in the dryer machine for a few moments on a low cycle setting.

Once dry, spray your deck furniture cushions and pillows with a fabric protector from your home goods store. A dependable fabric protector will help your outdoor pillows remain resistant to dirt and stains for a longer-lasting piece that attracts less stains or spots!

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