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Whatever style or function you need in a deck board, TimberTech has a decking line to deliver it!

Decking professionals coast to coast trust premium TimberTech decking. From PVC to composite decking, TimberTech carries a huge range of decking options - whatever style or function you need in a deck board, TimberTech has a decking line to deliver it.

DecksDirect is the best guide for your perfect TimberTech solution. TimberTech has an amazing range of premium decking lines - and we know them all. Call or chat with us: we’ll learn what’s important to you and connect you with perfectly-suited deck boards for your vision.

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  1. TimberTech SIDELoc™ Tool by AZEK

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  2. TimberTech SIDELoc™ Hidden Deck Screws by AZEK

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  3. TimberTech FUSIONLoc® Hand Driven Guide by AZEK

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  4. TimberTech FUSIONLoc® Collated Hidden Fastening Clips for Hand Driven Guide by AZEK

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  5. FUSIONLoc® Pneumatic Gun by FastenMaster

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    As low as $899.99 Price depends on product options. Make a selection to update price.
  6. TimberTech FUSIONLoc® Collated Hidden Fastening System by AZEK

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38 Products found

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General TimberTech Decking FAQs

Is TimberTech A Good Brand?

AZEK/TimberTech is a leading brand of outdoor building materials. TimberTech is widely trusted by contractors and decking professionals, who trust TimberTech’s premium quality and wide range of decking offerings.

What Are TimberTech Deck Boards Made Of?

Some TimberTech boards are made of PVC, and others are made of capped composite decking material.

TimberTech’s AZEK decking lines (Vintage, Landmark, and Harvest) are made of premium PVC material that offers the best resistance to water damage, mold, and mildew. PVC decking is also lighter weight.

TimberTech’s Pro decking lines (Legacy, Reserve, and Terrain) are made from high-quality composite material - a mixture of recycled natural wood fibers and synthetic plastics that offers an authentic wood look and feel. TimberTech composite decking is capped on all four sides, helping resist mold, mildew, water damage, fading, staining, and scratching.

Both composite and PVC deck boards are extremely durable and low-maintenance, built to endure harsh weather and hold up for years to come. To help choose between TimberTech’s decking offerings, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316. We’ll learn more about your and your deck vision, then connect you with options to fit your style and budget.

What’s The Difference Between Composite And PVC Decking?

While composite decking is a mixture of natural wood and plastic, PVC decking is 100% plastic material. 

Composite decking will have a more authentic wood feel and won’t expand or contract as much with temperature changes. It also provides slightly better traction underfoot to prevent slips. TimberTech’s composite decking lines feature a protective capping on all four sides for extra durability and resistance to moisture damage.

PVC decking is even more resistant to mold and mildew than composite boards. That makes PVC a great option near lakes, pools, or oceans, where water exposure can wear on decking faster. PVC decking is also lighter-weight and doesn’t retain as much heat - while it can still get hot in the sun, it’ll cool down much faster.

Where Is TimberTech Decking Manufactured?

TimberTech decking is made in the USA. The TimberTech brand is owned by AZEK Building Products, which manufactures its outdoor living products out of facilities in Wilmington, Ohio and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

How Long Does TimberTech Decking Last?

TimberTech’s PVC and composite decking lines are built to last for decades. That’s why TimberTech covers its PVC-based AZEK decking line with a lifetime limited product warranty and a 50-year fade and stain warranty. The TimberTech Pro composite decking line carries a 3-year limited product warranty and a 30-year fade and stain warranty.

Will Furniture Scratch My TimberTech Deck Boards?

TimberTech decking is tough and durable, built to be scratch-resistant. If you want an extra layer of protection, TimberTech recommends using protective plastic, rubber, or felt pads under furniture to protect your decking even further.

Does TimberTech Come With A Warranty?

TimberTech’s AZEK decking line (made of premium PVC material) carries an industry-leading lifetime limited product warranty and a 50-year fade & stain warranty. TimberTech’s capped composite decking line, TimberTech Pro, carries 30-year limited product and fade & stain warranties.

Does TimberTech Get Hot On Sunny Days?

All materials - wood, composite, and PVC decking among them - can absorb heat in direct sunlight, making it hard to walk barefoot on a hot day. The surface temperature of your deck is mostly determined by three factors: 1) the color of your decking, 2) the amount of sunlight, and 3) the ambient temperature around your deck.

Choosing a light-colored deck board will help keep your deck much cooler than a darker-colored board. Fortunately, with 24 TimberTech color options to choose from, there are plenty of excellent light-colored options for decks that get a lot of direct sunlight.

TimberTech’s PVC decking lines (AZEK Vintage, AZEK Landmark, and AZEK Harvest) will retain less heat than traditional composite decking - that means PVC boards will cool down quicker as the sun sets. For more tips on keeping your outdoor living space cool on hot days, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316.

Is TimberTech Decking Environmentally Friendly?

TimberTech is an industry leader in using recycled materials to create their premium deck boards. TimberTech’s capped composite decking is made from up to 80% recycled materials, including recycled wood and plastic. During the manufacturing process, TimberTech uses a closed-loop water filtration system that allows the brand to recycle up to 97% of the water used by their facilities.

By using recycled wood, TimberTech is helping slow down deforestation, delivering you deck boards with all the natural beauty of real wood, but without the devastating impacts on the environment.

Choosing Your TimberTech Decking

What’s The Difference Between TimberTech’s Decking Lines?

DecksDirect carries six different lines of TimberTech decking, plus TimberTech Porch. Here’s a quick overview of what makes each line unique:

PVC Decking

TimberTech’s three AZEK lines and its Porch line are made of strong, durable PVC material.

  • AZEK Vintage is the brand’s premium PVC decking line, featuring 5 multi-tonal color options with a distinctive wire-brushed wood-texture finish. Vintage is available in multiple widths, for unique and eye-catching deck board designs.
  • AZEK Landmark features a signature rustic cross-cutting designed to mimic the look of reclaimed wood. Landmark decking comes in 3 strong multi-tonal color options.
  • AZEK Harvest comes in solid, traditional colors with a natural cathedral wood grain pattern you can see and feel.
  • AZEK Porch Boards are tongue-and-groove PVC boards that attach without the use of fasteners. Porch boards are not waterproof and must be installed at a slope to allow water to run off.

Composite Decking

TimberTech’s Pro decking lines are made of composite material capped on all four sides.

  • Pro Legacy is a composite decking line featuring a huge range of colors. All six finish options blend a range of colors with natural color variation across each board.
  • Pro Reserve features a wire-brushed surface graining to deliver the look of reclaimed wood. Pro Reserve decking comes in three finish options, each blending multiple colors.
  • Pro Terrain boards are the only ones to feature scalloped bottoms that require less composite material. This lowers the cost and weight of the boards. Pro Terrain boards come in four color options ranging from solid to moderately varied.

At DecksDirect, we carry a huge range of PVC and composite decking options because we believe every customer should be able to choose the decking line perfectly suited to their ideal outdoor living space. To find out what decking line makes the most sense for you, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for a free consultation.

What’s The Difference Between Grooved Edge TimberTech Boards And Square Edge TimberTech Boards?

Grooved edge boards feature a long ridge or groove cut into the long edges of the deck board. Grooved edge boards are designed for use with hidden deck fasteners. Traditional square edge boards are for use with other fasteners or in places where the edge of the deck board will be visible, like the outsides of your deck, stair treads, or drink rails.

Where Can I Buy TimberTech Composite Decking?

There are three reasons why DecksDirect is the best place to buy TimberTech decking:

  • Real Guidance From Real Experts: TimberTech offers an exceptional range of decking lines. Our team of decking professionals make sure you can navigate that huge selection to find the perfect boards to suit your needs.
  • Get It Completely Fast: We ship 99.5% of our in-stock orders the same day they’re placed, and we can reach most of the United States in three days or less. Don’t let your project get delayed - we’ll keep you on your timeline!
  • Get The Largest Selection: We carry 6 lines of TimberTech deck boards in two different materials with 24 different finish options because we believe you should have the most options possible when planning your deck project.

You can always order online, or you can call us at 1-888-824-5316 and talk to a trained deck project planner. When you call DecksDirect, you reach a real person with a real passion for decking - not a robot or an automated system.

Installing TimberTech Decking

How Do I Attach TimberTech Decking To My Deck Frame?

You can fasten your TimberTech boards to your deck frame using either deck screws or hidden fasteners. Deck screws drive through your deck board and attach to your frame. Hidden fasteners sit between boards and slide into grooves in your decking to fasten boards down.

How Do I Hide The Screws While Installing TimberTech Decking?

There are two main ways of hiding screws after installing your TimberTech composite boards.

TimberTech offers the CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener System, which fastens boards down by sliding into grooves in the side of the boards. (Make sure to buy grooved-edge boards for this method). You could also use a plug system, made to exactly match the material, color and finish of your TimberTech boards.

TimberTech Decking Maintenance

Do I Have To Stain TimberTech Composite Decking?

No. Unlike wood decks, composite and PVC material never require staining or sealing, so you can spend more time enjoying your TimberTech deck and less time on regular maintenance.

How Do I Clean TimberTech Decking?

TimberTech produces its own brand of cleaning solution, TimberTech DeckCleaner by AZEK, for cleaning TimberTech boards. But you can also use a mixture of soap and water, or an all-purpose cleaner. Here’s a three-step guide to cleaning your TimberTech PVC or composite decking:

  1. Sweep any loose dirt and debris off your deck surface.
  2. Wipe down your decking with your cleaning solution. For TimberTech’s AZEK line of PVC decking, use a stiff, natural fiber brush. For TimberTech’s Pro line of composite decking, use a medium-to-stiff nylon brush.
  3. Rinse your deck surface thoroughly with clean water to wash all cleaning solution away.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean TimberTech Decking?

Always use caution when power washing a composite deck. You can clean TimberTech deck boards with a pressure washer, but only using a fan-tipped nozzle, a pressure setting of 1500 psi or lower, and a “rinse-only” setting on the power washer. Make sure the nozzle of the washer doesn’t get too close to your deck surface, or it can damage your deck boards. TimberTech recommends testing the pressure washer on a scrap piece or on an inconspicuous area of your deck first to make sure you won’t damage your deck surface.