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Natural beauty with superior performance. Envision composite decking delivers a gorgeous, natural look, with a range of organic colors and authentic wood grain patterns that don’t repeat across the length of your board. Durable composite material is low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Choose DecksDirect for complete project planning. We carry the largest selection of Envision colors and finishes. Our experienced team will help you pick the perfect look for your space, plus build you a project plan with all the fasteners and fascia you’ll need to transform your deck.

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  1. Envision Distinction Composite Deck Boards

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  3. Envision Ridge Premium Composite Deck Boards

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  4. Envision PVC Fascia Boards

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  5. EverClip Hidden Fastener System by Envision

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  6. PRO PLUG® System for Envision Decking by Starborn

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General Envision Decking FAQs

What Are Envision Deck Boards Made Of?

All of Envision’s decking lines are made from composite material - a mixture of synthetic plastic and recycled natural wood fibers. Composite decking is strong and durable, combining the natural beauty of wood decking with the low maintenance demands of composite material.

Envision creates composite decking with the brand’s proprietary EverGrain Core™ for strong, long-lasting boards.

How Are Envision Deck Boards Made?

Envision uses a unique compression molding process to create its deck boards, rather than the extrusion process used by most composite manufacturers. Compression molded boards go through extreme heat and pressure to squeeze air bubbles out of the composite material for maximum strength and a beautiful finish.

Instead of extruding boards with a repeating wood grain look, Envision presses patterns into its boards for a random wood grain pattern that never repeats across the length of the board.

Do Envision Deck Boards Look Like Real Wood?

Envision deck boards create a uniquely natural wood look by producing non-repeating wood grain patterns on its boards. Instead of extruding boards with a repeating grain pattern like many manufacturers, Envision presses wood grain looks into its composite boards so that the pattern never repeats across the entire length of the deck board.

DecksDirect carries a huge selection of Envision’s color and finish options for the exact natural wood look you’ve got in mind. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to have one of our deck project planners lay out all the wood-look options available.

How Long Will Envision Deck Boards Last?

Envision’s EverGrain Core™ makes its composite decking strong and durable, so the look you get at install will last for decades to come. Composite decking is much more durable and much lower-maintenance than wood decking, and Envision protects its decking with a 25-year limited warranty.

Where Is Envision Decking Manufactured?

Envision composite decking is made in the USA at a manufacturing facility in Missouri.

Does Envision Decking Come With A Warranty?

Yes! Envision composite decking is covered by a 25-year limited warranty.

Does Envision Decking Get Hot On Sunny Days?

Just like wood or other materials, composite decking can absorb heat when it’s in direct sunlight, making it hard to walk barefoot on a hot day, though composite manufacturers keep finding new ways to make their boards less heat-absorbent. If your deck is in direct sunlight, we recommend choosing a lighter color - light grays and light browns tend to absorb less heat from the sun.

Choosing Your Envision Decking

What’s The Difference Between Envision Distinction, Envision Expression, and Envision Ridge Premium?

DecksDirect carries three lines of Envision decking with different styles and benefits.

Envision Ridge Premium is a budget-friendly line of fluted deck boards. Fluted or scalloped boards have long ridges on the bottom of the board. This requires less composite material, making for boards that are more cost-effective and lighter weight for easier transport and installation. Envision Ridge Premium decking comes in three subtle, soft-blended colors.

Envision Expression decking features a traditional flat-bottom profile, compared to the fluted bottoms of Ridge Premium boards. Envision’s Expression line features bold, solid-colored boards with four eye-catching color options.

Envision Distinction is the brand’s top-quality decking line. Distinction boards come in four beautiful, multi-tonal colors designed to evoke the look of exotic natural woods. Each Envision Distinction finish combines four to six organic colors and highlights for a spectacular deck look.

If you want to find the perfect board to fit your project vision, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316. Our experienced deck project planners will guide you through Envision’s decking lines to create a project that fits your vision, budget, and timeline.

What’s The Difference Between Grooved Edge Boards And Square Edge Boards?

Grooved edge boards feature a long ridge or groove cut into the long edges of the deck board. Grooved edge boards are designed for use with hidden deck fasteners. Traditional square edge boards are for use with other fasteners or in places where the edge of the deck board will be visible, like the outsides of your deck, stair treads, or drink rails.

Where Should I Buy Envision Composite Decking?

DecksDirect is the best place to buy your Envision decking. Here’s why:

  • Get Real Service: When you call DecksDirect, you don’t get a robotic phone tree. You reach a real person with real deck-planning experience who is excited to learn about your priorities and help you tailor a deck project plan to your vision, budget and timeline.
  • Get It Completely Fast: We ship 99.5% of our orders the same day they’re placed, and we can reach most of the United States in three days or less. Don’t delay your project - we’ll make sure you stay on your timeline!
  • Get The Largest Selection: We have the most decking options anywhere. Period. Get the most Envision decking options without waiting on backordered lines.

You can always order online, or you can call us at 1-888-824-5316 and talk to a trained deck project planner. 

Installing Envision Decking

How Do I Install Envision Deck Boards?

With the right guidance, anyone from an experienced DIYer to a deck project rookie can install their own decking. Let DecksDirect be your deck project planners, guiding you through the build phase.

You can read more about installing Envision decking in this guide from our Knowledge Builders section. You can also find full installation instructions on each of our product pages. If you’re ever confused about the process, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for free installation advice from experienced decking professionals.

How Do I Hide The Screws While Installing Decking?

There are two main methods for installing your Envision decking without visible screws on the surface. 

You can use Envision’s EverClip Hidden Deck Fasteners, which fit in between your boards and securely fasten boards to your deck frame. Make sure to use grooved-edge boards for this method.

The second option is to use a deck board plug system, sinking screws below the deck surface, then filling the gap above the screw head with a plug created to exactly match the color and finish of your Envision decking line.

Envision Decking Maintenance

Do I Have To Stain Envision Composite Deck Boards?

No. Unlike wood, composite decking never requires staining or sealing.

How Do I Clean Envision Deck Boards?

Cleaning Envision composite decking is a breeze. All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Sweep off your deck surface to clear debris like leaves or pine needles.
  2. Brush your deck with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush
  3. Rinse your deck surface with fresh, clean water.

That’s it! There’s no heavy cleaning required. You can read more about cleaning Envision decking here.

You can watch this video for more details on how to clean your deck.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Envision Decking?

You can use a pressure washer on your Envision decking - but make sure to use a pressure lower than 1000 psi and a fan-tipped nozzle. Using a high pressure setting or a focused nozzle can damage composite decking.