Hardwood Deck Tiles

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Cumaru Wood Deck Tile By Bison - 2x2
from $64.99
Ipe ECO Wood Tiles by Bison - 2' x 4'
from $184.99
Aluminum Tray By Bison
from $263.99
Ipe Deck Tiles by MRP
from $89.99
Fixed Support Pedestals by MRP - 1/2"
from $2.49
SE Eterno Adjustable Self-Leveling Pedestal Supports for Wood Joists by MRP
from $13.99
Adjustment Key for MRP Supports - fits between installed pavers to make fast adjustments
from $55.99
Leveling Shims for Pedestal Supports by MRP
from $1.99
Star T Adjustable Supports by MRP
from $5.99
Star B Height Extensions by MRP
from $2.99
Wood Tile Installation Pin for MRP Supports - Sold Individually
from $0.69
Locking Piece for MRP Supports - Sold Individually
from $0.99
Brace Kit By Bison
from $5.99
Spline For Paver Trays By Bison
from $3.99
Start with a solid foundation using the Paver Tray by Bison to support the Bison 2CM Porcelain Pavers and keep them in place.
from $48.99
Spline For Wood Tiles By Bison
from $3.99
Sleek and modern, 2CM Porcelain Pavers from Bison expand your home's aesthetic to the great outdoors. The installed pavers are Trust Silver, in the stone texture family.
from $35.99