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Connect and power several Highpoint Deck Lighting rail, riser, or recessed deck lights all in one piece with the unbelievably useful Attach and Go 2-Way or 5-Way Splitter by Highpoint Deck Lighting. Skip the mess and extra costs of splicing and creating electrical connections via wire nuts as the Attach and Go Connectors allows you to create the deck lighting layout and design you've always wanted, easily. Simply plug the end of your Highpoint light fixture wire lead into the receiving end of the Junction Box for a secure and weather-resistant power connection you can trust.

Looking to install numerous light fixtures all along your outdoor space? Simply use an Attach and Go Connector to link one Attach and Go Splitter with another and keep the deck lights shining all night no matter the distance.
Convenient Attach and Go Splitters from Highpoint Deck Lighting are sold individually allowing you to create the lighting system you desire, minus any extra waste.


DecksDirect # 7386
highpoint deck lighting
Input TypeAttach & Go Female Ends
Output TypeAttach & Go Male Ends
Output Quantity2 or 5
Aurora "Odyssey" Series LED Transformer
Starting at: $118.50
Photo-Eye Electric Timer by Aurora Deck Lighting
Starting at: $34.31
Attach and Go Convertor Connection by Highpoint Deck Lighting - 48 in
Starting at: $7.99
Attach and Go Transformer Connector by HighPoint Deck Lighting
Starting at: $4.99
Attach and Go Connector by Highpoint Deck Lighting - 1 ft
Starting at: $3.99
3-Way Splitter by Trex Deck Lighting - 6 pack
Starting at: $32.99
Splitter for Low Voltage Lights by LMT Mercer - 2 Output
Starting at: $4.99
Transformer Splitter by Trex Deck Lighting
Starting at: $21.99
EZ Female 2 Way Splitter Output
Starting at: $12.43
EZ T Splitter by Dekor - Detail
Starting at: $21.29

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