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Creating the nighttime look you've always wanted for your family's deck, porch or patio has never been easier than with the new Attach and Go Conversion Connector for Highpoint Deck Lighting. A creative new solution to linking a hardwired lighting fixture to the rest of your Attach and Go system, the Attach and Go Conversion Connector builds a water-resistant electrical connection that keeps your low-voltage deck lights powering through nights for years to come.

Sold individually, the Attach and Go Conversion Connector delivers a 48 inch length for a clean-looking electrical joint that can reach from one light fixture location to the next.


DecksDirect # 54891
highpoint deck lighting
Input Type Attach & Go Female End
Output TypeHardwire Leads
Output Quantity1
Pack SizeEach
Wire Length48 in
Attach and Go Transformer Connector by HighPoint Deck Lighting
Starting at: $4.49 $4.99
Attach and Go Connector by Highpoint Deck Lighting - 1 ft
Starting at: $3.59 $3.99
Aurora "Odyssey" Series LED Transformer
Starting at: $100.73 $118.50
Remote and LED Dimmer for Aurora Phoenix and Odyssey Lights
Starting at: $15.82 $18.61
Low Voltage Wire for LED Lighting (18-2 Gauge)
Starting at: $65.69 $72.99
Weather Proof Wire Nuts - 18/2 Gauge
Starting at: $6.29 $6.99
EZ Quick Connect Wire by Dekor - Plug & Play (P&P) Quick Connect Male Output - 20 ft
Starting at: $2.39
Extension Wire by Trex Deck Lighting in packaging - 10 ft
Starting at: $30.99
Ergonomic Wire Stripper / Cutter
Starting at: $26.99 $29.99

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