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Power your Highpoint low voltage deck lights securely and most important, easily, with the innovative Attach and Go Connector Runs! Planning and installing your Highpoint rail, recessed, riser and strip light fixtures is now as easy as charging your cell phone with the Attach and Go connector ends. Eliminating the hassle of splicing and hardwiring your pieces, the brilliant Attach and Go system features interlocking female and male connection points allowing you to complete your project swiftly as well as find comfort in knowing that your low voltage wire connection is firmly in place and protected from the daily weather elements.

Help your 12-volt DC-powered Highpoint Lighting fixtures get connected correctly the first time and spend more time enjoying the night-time on your deck with Attach and Go wire connectors.

Attach and Go wire connectors available for sale individually and are offered in the runs 1 foot, 5 foot, 10 foot, and 20 foot runs to complete your deck lighting design and setup.


DecksDirect # 7389
highpoint deck lighting
Input Type Attach and Go Female End
Output TypeAttach and Go Male End
Output Quantity1
Pack SizeEach
Wire Length1 ft, 5 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft
Attach and Go Convertor Connection by Highpoint Deck Lighting - 48 in
Starting at: $7.19 $7.99
Attach and Go Transformer Connector by HighPoint Deck Lighting
Starting at: $4.49 $4.99
Aurora "Odyssey" Series LED Transformer
Starting at: $100.73 $118.50
Remote and LED Dimmer for Aurora Phoenix and Odyssey Lights
Starting at: $15.82 $18.61
Low Voltage Wire for LED Lighting (18-2 Gauge)
Starting at: $65.69 $72.99
Aurora Phoenix Series LED Low Voltage Wire
Starting at: $31.68 $37.27
EZ Quick Connect Wire by Dekor - Plug & Play (P&P) Quick Connect Male Output - 20 ft
Starting at: $2.39
Extension Wire by Trex Deck Lighting in packaging - 10 ft
Starting at: $30.99
Weather Proof Wire Nuts - 18/2 Gauge
Starting at: $6.29 $6.99

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